Why Teenagers Must Take Part In Community Outreach Organizations

By Frances Scott

When kids reach the ages of thirteen to seventeen, they become teenagers and at this age, their school will usually require them to join at least one extracurricular activity in high school. One of those includes volunteering to support various causes and organizations within society. While it may not be as appealing to some teens, it actually provides a number of benefits to them and teaches important life lessons that help shapes their future and way of thinking.

This provides a great platform and experience for teenagers to engage in because it helps them gain some hands on experience and appreciate the value of help and organizations that specialize in this type of activity. It provides them with a once in a lifetime experience, something that will leave a lasting impression on them and influence their choices in life from that point forward. Following this trail of thought, this article will emphasize on the reasons why teenagers should join community outreach Madison WI programs today.

Numerous studies have shown that joining such an activity helps in gaining more happiness in terms of both physical and mental aspects. Researchers that specialize on the topic have noted that by focusing on providing the needs and helping others within the community, the participants became happier because it stimulates the part of the brain that reduces the stress being felt and controls depression too. Furthermore, most adolescents thrive in pro social activities, which is why this is most effective for that age frame.

This supplies a system for acquiring some expert experience too, which is very vital when looking for brand-new task chances or enrolling in a university scholarship or the college of their option. While they do not always make money in financial worth, it rewards them by having something phenomenal to consist of in their resumes and application. University and task admission employees are usually excited by such a task and will aid them stand apart from the remainder of the applications that are available in.

Apart from that, it helps in opening doors for new opportunities in their life. Most organizations that host these events are generally flexible when it comes to the scheduling because they understand that teens have other responsibilities, like their studies and other extracurricular activities too. It ensures they will have time to balance all these tasks and not get behind their studies.

Joining these also helps in actually making a difference within the community instead of just believing in certain causes and not doing anything about it. Even providing the simplest of services such as volunteering to drive the other volunteers towards the appointed location or spending some free time reading a story book to local kids at the orphanage helps in a big way and unknowingly has created an imprint in the lives of many. Volunteering is not always about how it looks in application forms, but how much of a difference it makes in the lives of others around them.

Moreover, it enables them to develop strong networking and socialization skills too. This is essential as they become adults and pave their own careers in various industries. Furthermore, the men and women they meet along the way can serve as their network and are potential professionals that can be candidate for creating recommendations when they apply for jobs or college.

Joining such a program helps to view the world with brand new eyes and opens their minds to a larger perspective on life and how the world truly works. Being exposed to various scenarios and different people of various backgrounds and life experiences leads to introspection as well. It improves on their way of thinking and helps them to become more open minded too.

Overall, stated above are some reasons for teenagers to join such programs. It helps them become more useful in society and gives them something to do in their spare time. It is more productive rather than doing more typical teen activities and helps others too.

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