The Heros Journey: How To Awaken Your Spirit

By Sandra Fisher

There are many ways in which you can refresh your spirit. Popular ways today include doing exercise, especially yoga, walking, writing a journal, or painting. However, for many people the distractions of modern life mean that they do not get the solitude and complete freedom to immerse themselves in revitalizing their spirit in the heros journey.

Spirituality has been said to be a state of mind where you live with purpose and find that life has meaning. Many people do not struggle with this concept, but it can be hard to put into practice. With the stressors of daily existence, it is easy to lose touch with what gives your life meaning and purpose in the first place. There are many ways to recapture your spirituality. You do not have to be religious to do it, and you can enhance your religious beliefs by improving spiritual connectedness. The huge amount of retreats available to you may be just what you need to get your spiritual self back again.

Whilst there is a strong tendency to think of spirituality as something reserved to ardent yogis and gurus. However, the natural process of being creative is a very spiritual one. If your creative abilities have been suffering due to stress and city distractions, why not consider a creative retreat? Any artist, writer, of musician knows that having the solitude to work on their art all day, free from distractions is the best way to get in touch with their most vivid ideas. Even if you are not a professional artist, discovering that your creative ability is far greater than you imagined is a surefire way to waken up your spirit and consciousness to the fact that you are living with a purpose and that life has meaning, You may even discover your next career!

Traditional spiritual retreats are still a fantastic form of soul regeneration. These retreats focus on the practice of yoga, meditation, and relaxation. They abound in Thailand and India, but there are a good many in the US too. As you cleanse and strengthen your body and mind through yoga and meditation, so you help to invoke feelings of happiness and relaxation. When you are not critical of everything and everyone all the time, you start to discover your own slice of serenity and become far more aware of your purpose and meaning in the greater universe.

If you work a high stress job dealing with multiple people and constantly being on the go all the time, there are retreats that let you let go of all of that. You can escape your cell phone, your email, and even other people. These are called Solitude Retreats and whilst they offer a range of activities such as yoga and meditation, you have the option of hermitage. Here you live alone, and in silence. You interact with few to no people and never speak. If you need time for introspection and self-reflection, there can be no better retreat. It will let you discover the core of who you are and determine what really matters in your life.

Another type of retreat gaining in popularity are health retreats. Given that doctors now acknowledge there is a strong mind-body connection, it is no surprise that a healthier body leads to better wellbeing and less stress. It also results in higher levels of happiness. This can only promote spirituality as when you are happier about your life, you feel you have more purpose. Health retreats have the primary focus of diet. They encourage full body detoxes which are accomplished by administering juice diets, vegetarian diets, and probiotic foods. As you lose all those toxins which are clogging up vital energy paths in your body, and generally making you feel sluggish, you feel lighter, better, and healthier. These retreats are really worth a try if junk food has become your staple recently.

There are many other kinds of retreats, including nature retreats, relationship retreats, and health and fitness retreats. These each target different aspects of self-renewal and regrowth. You can find many in the US and you can choose what works best for you according to your current needs.

The significant thing about retreats is that you are forced to concentrate on yourself. Not everybody is happy to think about their lives, limitations, successes, and problems. But if you are going to gain that all important spiritual connection, you need to have the time to work on concentrating on what your life is truly about. Retreats give you the space to breathe and cut out all unnecessary elements in your life that are ruining your spiritual connections. So why not try one? You will only gain happiness, rest, and find purpose in the process.

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