Individual Contributors To Emotional Intelligence Training Certification In The Place Of Work

By Lisa Howard

Intelligence is not only of the mind, but there actually is emotional intelligence which helps one to in controlling your emotions in times of happiness and sorrow which is the best thing for a human being. This refers to the fact that you can control your emotions to be more intelligent. It seems impossible to separate your thoughts from your emotions, and in order to make various decisions, you need to think for you to provide the best decision. In order to make the right choice, you need emotional intelligence training certification.

You should learn to see your emotions as pieces of information which will help you pursue the best. This is because every though generates an emotion. Thoughts occur naturally, but they bring out different feelings depending on what the mind is thinking about.

Be mindful of everything. Put a lot of concentration in everything you do. For example, concentrate on a meal without any interruptions, this kind of build- up helps you concentrate on your emotions. Meditation is also another way of boosting your concentration span. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try re-focusing.

You can only understand other people if you are able to understand yourself well and knowing from what situation they are in for you to be on the same page. People are hard to understand and considering you are one of them, you may have a difficult time understanding yourself. However, you can train yourself on how to understand yourself and the people around you. You can always take deep breathes when overwhelmed. Meditation is one of the methods for improving concentration span.

You should be respectful towards everyone no matter who they are. Nodding and mirroring the actions of people show that you are actually paying attention to them. Being respectful automatically generates emotions such as kindness and openness. You should also regularly complement people so that they feel appreciated and respected.

The same way we have different emotions, we also have different physical reactions. This however depends on the emotion that we are trying to express. Some reactions may be highly unpleasant but you would not know unless you have studied yourself in different situations. Therefore, always take a few seconds to observe how you physically react to different things.

Respect is something that should be second to nature to everyone. We should never ignore respecting people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender among other things. Ensure your colleagues and the people you interact with feel respected. This can be shown especially by how attentive you are when they try communicating to you.

Changing for the better cannot happen in one day. You will need to work as hard as possibly can if you truly want to change. Old habits die hard and it is only through effort and commitment you can change yourself. You can start small by venting to someone you trust and they can tell you what is missing. You may also record yourself and find the mistakes.

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