Why People Hire A Personal Development Coach

By William Hughes

Once people are secure in the knowledge that they will not go hungry or exposed to the elements, their needs change. Many people start questioning the meaning of life. They feel as if they have been put on earth for a specific purpose but they do not know what that purpose is. Others simply want to improve themselves, gain new skills or embark upon new ventures. Many of these people hire the services of a personal development coach to help them discover and fulfil their needs.

People hire coaches because they are not sure exactly what it is that they want to change in their own lives. They just have a vague desire to become better people, to be happier or to better understand themselves and others. They hire coaches to guide them, advise them and to encourage them to actively pursue the changes that they desire and to teach them how to go about it.

Hiring a mentor is not a guarantee that one will suddenly experience enlightenment or private growth. Coaches are not wizards. They are there to help there clients to express their needs and wants. They are sounding boards, motivators and often even friends that aim to motivate their clients to be steadfast in their quest to achieve a better level of fulfilment and happiness.

Experienced coaches know that most people do not know themselves. It is too painful to carefully examine the self. The first priority of coaches is therefore to lead there clients towards a greater sense of themselves, even if the process is painful. It is only when one knows all the strengths and weaknesses that comprise the whole that one can identify areas where improvement is necessary.

Once one know which area of life one wants to improve, it is necessary to set some specific goals. Goals need to be measurable. For example, it is not good enough to say that one needs to lose weight. It would be better to resolve to lose twenty kilograms by 1 June. In this way progress van be measured and one would have a very specific target to try and achieve.

People often abandon their goals because they see no progress. They lose heart. That is why reputable coaches will help their clients to break down their bigger goals into smaller steps. Action plans are small steps that can be measured. If clients see progress, even small successes, they are encouraged and motivated to continue their quest towards achieving their ultimate goals.

Top coaches know that they need to establish a close relationship with their clients. Clients need to know that they can trust their mentors. They must be able to be totally honest and never fear that their deepest desires and wishes will be revealed. Choosing a mentor is therefore a trial and error affair. It may be best to try a few until one feels comfortable with a specific individual.

Individual coaching has become a rather large industry. People have developed new needs. They want more from life than just survival and material needs. They want meaning. In this respect, coaches can certainly be of great help.

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