Some Of The Side Effects Of Consuming Essiac Cancer Remedy

By Ryan Collins

For over 80 years, people have attested to essiac tea being the remedy for cancer. Surprisingly it is yet to be scientifically proven. The formal report on essiac tea written by Dr. Charles brusch and Rene Cassie claims that cancer was cured of all races and genders. This is a sign that it may actually work. The article points out some of the side effects that come with essiac cancer remedy.

Essiac tea has been used for generations for various purposes. Some use it as a pain relieving option others use it to detoxify and purify their bodies for many other reasons. However, nothing is perfect. As much as this tea seems to be the salvation of the human race, it has side effects too. For example, a runny nose after detoxification.

The tea is not a single herb, root or chemical. It is a mixture of some herbs and roots that combine power to do away with various body conditions. You may suffer an allergic reaction because of the various components. Therefore, you should make a point of leaning as much as you can about the components.

You may suffer diarrhea or constipation. This will depend on what you ingested before and how your bowels will react to it. In case of either, you should stay hydrated to avoid further damage to the condition. The two may occur especially when you use the tea for the first time. It is introducing something foreign and your body may not like it.

Some people experience inflammation. The skin may also adopt a shade of red. In case of such, going to the hospital will be the best solution. Seeing as the tea has done so much good to people, no one would think this type of reaction has been brought about by it. They may proceed to consume the tea in the hopes of getting cured hence worsening their situation.

A lot of things happen in the stomach. Especially digestion and absorption. There are a lot of chemicals used in this process. The tea has an oxalic chemical which will not react well to the other stomach chemicals. This may lead to a vomiting phase. In such case, the tea is to be avoided for a while the consumer should stay hydrated at all times.

The liver has a lot of break down to do. Some substances are harder to deal with than others. For example, the fats may be very hard to get rid of via the liver. The tea, therefore, breaks the fat down into the water which is absorbed by the kidneys. Despite all the help, the liver may start to fail as an effect from the tea over time. Signs include pale stool among others.

Your kidneys also are at risk. They may actually get permanently damaged. To avoid all the hustle of looking for kidney donors, it is easier to learn the side effects of the tea and how they can be reduced or completely done away with. When the liver suffers, there is a chance of getting kidney stones which are very unpleasant.

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