Sex Addiction And The Shame DVD

By Raymond Campbell

Sex addiction is often a taboo topic when it comes to conversation. While this is the case, it is also one that needs to take place. When dealing with someone obsessed with sex, watching the Shame DVD can often be a great introduction for creating a conversation in this regard.

When it comes to the movie, Shame highlights a well known business man with a sex addiction. In the first 10 to 20 minutes, the film introduces the character, mostly through facial expressions. Then, once the man's sister comes to visit for an extended stay, life becomes more difficult.

Most communication is expressed through gestures and facial expressions. While there is some dialogue, there is also great cinematography and editing which take a lot of credit for bringing the story and plot to life. As a result, when it comes to reviews, there is a mixture of good and bad.

Most critics and others whom provided bad reviews are also the ones whom labeled the film as the worse of 2011. For, while being the second film directed by Steve McQueen, many believe the film falls short of the first. The first being Hunger, a story which focuses on an Irish character who goes on a hunger strike in 1981. When looking for this film online, or in stores, it is important to not get it mixed up with The Hunger, for these are two distinct and different movies.

Once the man's sister comes and stays at the character's home on an indefinite basis, there are sudden interruptions to the addiction which has been effecting the man for years. As such, when the lifestyle of the sister begins to interfere, the addict has to take drastic measures to meet the insatiable desires associated with this type of addiction.

While engaging with others in social activity, the man is fine and can socialize without issue. At the same time, when left alone, there is often nothing more important than masturbation and orgasm. In the process, the character often looks at online pornographic websites, calls talk lines and looks at nude pictorials in magazines.

In fact, even when at work, it is hard for the character not to drift off and daydream either about a fellow co-worker or an online fantasy. As such, the addiction is far from private. For, it is during this time that addiction starts to become visible to others.

For the most part, the audience knows from the beginning of the film that the character loves sex. For, the opening scene shows the man naked, covered with sheets and breathing at a rapid rate. While the goal may have been to make the character look like a long day was ahead, it is more than likely the intent was to suggest the end to a hot and heavy round of masturbation.

Once the sex addiction is revealed, there are many points in the film which equate the need for sex as being equal to that of a junkie in need of a fix. For, the character's sex addiction begins to interfere with all areas of life. Whether that be the daydreams and fantasies at work, financial issues, or the difficult relationship with the sister which continues to unravel throughout the film. .

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