Discovering Feminist Workshops, Camps And Related Events

By Donna Kennedy

When it comes to conferences, conventions, colleges and universities, most offer a number of different activities. While some offer forums and panel discussions, others focus on feminist workshops. Most often, these activities are focused on a number of different issues related to women.

In some cases, conferences, conventions, festivals and rallies also highlight issues related to women. One of the most common those doing so are LGBTQ+ pride parade rallies. Whereas, recent marches and rallies for equal rights always host a number of feminist speakers and workshops.

Recently, individuals and companies have been providing these workshops either on-site or at a conference center. Two companies offering these workshops are Soapbox and Ambivalently Yours, both of which are woman owned and operated. As such, the focus of workshops provided tend to lean toward feminism and feminist theory.

In addition to workshops, there are now feminist camps which provide women the opportunity to learn about these issues in a more relaxed environment. When attending camp, women tend to learn more about oneself and others. For, camping allows time for conversations and entertainment while also providing platforms for learning with regards to different areas of womanhood.

Women should note that these camping events are nothing like conferences, conventions, festivals or retreats. For, unlike others, these events often offer an overview of history and past work of a number of feminists. As this is the case, many whom attend these events often discover talents and interests in working on feminist agendas. In fact, when these events are held on an annual basis, there are many women whom will create and join a number of different affinity camps and groups.

In the process, many have gained insight into personal and political views. As this is the case, there can often be disagreements, especially when it comes to politics. When this is the case, it is important to maintain an open mind. For, emotional and physical abuse will not be tolerated at these events. In fact, most are designed to teach individuals the best way to handle differences of opinion and educate others on how to do so.

Whether at a camp, conference, convention, festival or rally, well known female activists and writers are often invited to provide a keynote address. In many cases, these speeches work to inspire and motivate others to take on some aspect of a feminist agenda. Whether that be through creating politically inspired artwork, volunteering for a non-profit or volunteering time at a food bank, rape crisis center or shelter, these are all worthwhile endeavors which are often associated with feminism.

Whether attending a local one day workshop, a weekend conference, a convention or rally, connections made at these events can often last a lifetime. While this is the case, it is also important to share information learned in the process with others whom might never be able to attend such an event. In the process, a woman may very well help inspire and motivate others to work towards life that is equal and free of discrimination, harassment or abuse.

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