Rebuilding The New World After A Disaster

By Anna West

It is almost impossible to imagine a global disaster because it is so unthinkable and would completely change the lives of everybody on the planet. There is a huge number of threats that could change the Earth in ways that would make current societies crumble. It is a comfort to know, however, that former civilizations of the past were able to rebuild their society after events like these, letting the people of today know that rebuilding the new world is possible.

Science and history are some of the most important things that mankind can preserve in the face of a global disaster. Without the knowledge of the past, progress would be greatly slowed after a disaster. It would also be hard to know what caused the disaster in the first place.

It is likely that when disaster strikes, governments are the first thing to be abandoned. Without law and order, chaos might ensue, and it is possible that huge numbers of people might die because of it. That is why forming new governments is highly important.

The best way for people to survive after one of these disasters has struck is to band together. People have a much better chance of survival in greater numbers because they can rely on one another when they are sick or weak, and they are able to provide added protection. The need to come together and form groups is what causes society to exist in the first place, and what will cause it to be rebuilt if any disaster strikes.

The best way to prevent future catastrophes from occurring again is by mankind being more mindful of its environmental impact. This is the cause of many of the threats that mankind faces. The solution is humans leaving in harmony with the environment.

It is hard to think about re-establishing all of the elements of society in the early period after a terrible disaster has occurred. This is a time when most people will only be thinking about their own preservation and will be doing everything they can to find clean water, food, and keeping themselves and their families safe. Once enough time has passed, however, people will want to come out again and return societal ways.

There are many people that die all the time from not washing their hands, and this is a very critical practice in the times directly after a disaster has hit. When resources are scarce, there probably will not be access to medicine and antibiotics to help someone get better from having harmful bacteria enter their body. The best thing to do is prevent it before it happens and simply keep the hands clean.

One of the highly important things to take into account in these types of situations is where the bathroom will be. This is something that should be decided as soon as the water source is established. This is because if the outhouse is less than 20 meters away from the well or other type of water source, the water could easily become infected and threaten the healths of anyone who drinks it.

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