A Guide For Recruiting The Best Coaches For Network Marketing

By Patricia Cook

Literally, there are thousands of network marketing coaches to choose from. All of them, seeking your attention. This can be challenging because you are not sure who to listen to. What is even more interesting is that majority of the top professionals in the coaching field rely heavily on income paid by trainees. This could be wrong because what you need the most is someone who is running a successful business. True, most of them have been running their businesses for a long time, but some of their ideas stopped working long ago. So, you need to be careful when selecting coaches for network marketing.

There are several things you could wish to check out while choosing your trainers but the best partner is always somebody who has been in your shoes before and have managed to build something meaningful, someone, who will add value to your journey to being successful. To identify such a partner, you have to scrutinize some of your potential candidates if they meet your requirements. Below is a checklist of what to focus on.

The first thing to find out is the period your prospective coach has been in practicing networking. Do not get it wrong. It is still okay to work with a successful newcomer who knows how to put his act together. However, you are better off learning from someone who is experienced. Target someone who has run a business for more than three years. It best if you can find someone who has failed before but managed to rise again.

Another thing that you have to establish is where most of their current income comes from. If a significant portion originates from training, then that might not be the best fit. In our context, a successful teacher should be also a successful network marketer. Like all forward-looking businessmen, you need to learn what is practically working today.

Another thing to check out is what level they are right now in their company. Is there room for improvement or they are just contended being teachers? The right candidates for you are the ones who are still forward-looking; the ones who are optimizing their strategies and growing business.

You can also test their activity by asking their current strategies to grow their income. Good business people have a plan of what they are doing and where they want to go. It is important to work with someone who walks the talk than have a trainer who knows how to gather information from the market then preaches to you what you want to hear.

In addition to the above, you also need to understand if they teach tangible things. So, is there a process, system or templates that they use? Good mentors will be able to document their own success formula. While implementation will always differ, the success system should be comprised of steps, something that can be practically replicated.

Always be guided by your guts when you are unsure at any point. But in case, you face several doubts do consult the above checklist to help you move forward.

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