When Does Someone Need Alcohol Assessment Minneapolis MN?

By Kenneth Harris

Drug and other substance abuse assessment can be a wonderful tool in identifying abuse and preventing its many negative effects, including disease and death. Numerous people do not understand someone can become addicted to alcohol, drugs and other substance abuse. They do not realize that in addicts, drugs change the brain to force compulsive drug abuse. People often misjudge the power and complexity of addiction. When administered promptly, alcohol assessment Minneapolis MN can help curb the menace and aid in recovery.

Poor physical appearance and hygiene; Many times, someone in need of a substance abuse assessment in the workplace will start to be inappropriately dressed and poorly groomed. Physically, they may have bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, excessive weight gain or loss, hand tremors and an unsteady stance.

The individual manifests relationships issues and a negative change in mood. People with drug abuse problems tend to be very irritable or depressed at the workplace. Often, they may seem completely introverted. Look for signs of substance abuse that include being insubordinate, argumentative, and accusatory. The person may begin not listening and excessively talk about dilemmas at home.

There is also a drop in work performance. Look for a change in productivity, poor quality of work, loss of concentration, inability to make decisions, misuse of equipment and frequent breaks, sick days or tardiness. Although these signs can often point to a substance abuse problem, it's important to keep in mind that the person in question at your workplace may also be dealing with other issues that have similar symptoms such as sleep deprivation, mental illness or increased stress at home. Make sure to speak with your human resources department or boss before confronting the person to avoid any legal trouble for your company.

A drug abuse assessment typically involves a few different steps and can take up to three days. One aspect of the test is done by a mental health specialist who will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and better understand the causes of your substance abuse.

Another aspect of the assessment is physical, in which medical staff will make sure that you are physically fit to undergo treatment and determine whether or not you need immediate medical care due to prolonged drinking or drug use. Another part of the assessment will involve reviewing your medical history. Medical history can include any previous mental health visits, hospital visits and medical conditions.

People can usually rely on finding 24-hour support from private alcohol treatment clinics because they can be contacted anytime. They are often open out of hours to provide help to people at whatever hour of the day or night they might need it. Seeking help from private clinics also means that treatment can sometimes be kept more private.

Once you do find a program that offers solutions for drug abuse that works for you, extremely demanding times are thrown upon you and recovery begins. Dealing with substance abuse at the workplace is never easy, but it should always be addressed quickly so that it doesn't lead to a dangerous situation for your company or employees.

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