What An Addiction Psychologist Upper East Manhattan Helps With

By John McDonald

An addiction is never easy to cope with. You can't deal with this on your own. For example, someone who has an eating disorder will go from one diet to the next with little success. Someone who drinks too much will keep on trying to cut down. However, without the support it can be extremely difficult. An addiction psychologist Upper East Manhattan will be able to deal with this because they have the experience.

Sometimes, individuals give up on the process because they don't have anyone to talk to. They are not encouraged and they don't feel motivated. They may be with the same crowds or friends who will encourage them to take drugs or to eat the same foods. There will be adverts, drawing gamblers to the casino. It is not easy to get away from.

However, this isn't always effective because the individual has not got their mind right. They need to be set at making the decision because this is when they will make all of the effort. They will realize that they are only going one way because of their addiction and they need to start changing their ways.

Besides drugs and alcohol, which are readily available, people also become addicted to food, sex, love, the internet and a number of other things which can set you back in life. Families can become destroyed when a person begins to gamble, for example. This is all you begin to think about and they can't stop themselves from the obsession.

However, there are psychologists that work with gamblers, people who are obsessed with food, sex or porn, for example. They will have studied this area as well. They may have a specialized practice which can consist of something like dialectical behavior therapy. This has been very effective for people who have been suffering from an addiction.

Sometimes this is more than just an addiction. It is the root of something else. It can be an underlying issue which goes back to the childhood years. People need to take this into consideration. They need to be aware of what can happen as a result. The psychologist will work closely with the patient. They will begin to process what they have learned and how they can move forward with their life.

There will obviously be times during this time which are extremely tough for the individual. There will also be times which are easier to manage. This is what they have to work through. They may also benefit from specialized methods. This can include creative therapy where they will work with the hands. It can include art projects, dance and movement as well as writing. The non verbal approach can be just as effective.

They may benefit from DBT which has also proven to be worthwhile to the person who is addicted to something. They will process their emotions during this time. They develop techniques to use which will help them for when they are triggered in one way or another. This can help them get through the tough times.

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