The Benefits Of Herbal Medicine And Treatment

By Henry Cooper

Whether using traditional western medicine or alternative forms of healing, health care can often be expensive. While this is the case, there are often a number of benefits of herbal medicine over prescriptions. For, in a number of cases, prescription medication can often be addictive.

Most natural remedies have been around for centuries. In the earliest days of health care, whether a natural or western medical professional, providers and patients relied on a number of natural botanics and techniques to treat injuries, and attempt to heal disease.

At that time, health care providers often used natural products and by-products to treat everything from heart disease to the common cold. In many cases, the treatments proved successful. Whereas, as there were no medical tests or x-rays available during that time, providers had to rely on physical exams to determine what may have been causing individuals pain and discomfort.

With the onset of modern health care and prescription medicine, alternative, holistic and natural health care often goes by the wayside. Whereas, in many situations, these natural medicines and treatments could often be more beneficial than those prescribed by health care professionals now working in western medicine. In addition, while there might very well be a good reason to implement some aspect of medical tests to determine a condition, there are many individuals paying for tests which have nothing to do with the illness or injury at hand.

While natural medicine is often better for many ailments than western treatment forms, there are very few who offer these alternatives. For, the healthcare is a structured system in which natural medicines are perceived as inferior to those which are prescription based. As such, most individuals tend to turn away from the possibility that a natural product could cure pain or calm nerves as in the case of opioid based pain killers and anti-depressants.

In some cases, health care providers are becoming aware of the dangers with regards to some prescription medications. In particular, the recent opioid epidemic has some now turning towards more natural alternatives. While this is the case, there are others who continue to prescribe these dangerous drugs which are now causing more overdoses and early deaths than ever before in history.

Until more people realize that these alternatives can and do eliminate pain and have the ability to calm nerves, there is no doubt prescription medication will still be at the forefront. However, it should be noted that stigmas about the medical profession and medication can be removed when more people report positive experiences with these natural alternatives. Overall, when using natural alternatives there are often no harmful side effects, many often cost far less than prescription drugs while most all herbal medications use the natural healing aspect of the body.

Other benefits related to holistic medication include that many alternative medicines contain natural elements derived from flora and fauna. Whereas, one of the best reasons for using natural alternatives is that there is no need for a prescription or authorization required for a refill. As such, an individual can obtain more medicine when and where necessary.

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