Learn More About Feng Shui Bagua

By Richard Walker

Many traditional concepts and beliefs are being modernized and used in various areas of life. One such concept is an orthodox Chinese belief that the immediate surroundings and environment of man is connected to his ultimate destiny. This concept has been used in modern times for the purpose of designing home and office spaces. This is because it is said that if energy flow within your life and in your environment is balanced then health, wealth and numerous opportunities are invited to your home. In order for you to design a home or office space that is in connection to how you feel, it is suggested that Feng Shui Bagua is used.

The bagua is said to be energy map that shows the energy interconnections in your life. It is an eight-sided map with eight major like areas that are crucial to a person and are important for the general well-being and quality of life. With this map, you are able to tell the areas in life which are clogged and clustered in order to keep the flow of qi in balance and invite good fortunes to your life.

Each area represented by the map is illustrated using specific shapes, colors, and elements. The first area is money and abundance which is illustrated using the color green and wood as the element. The other area is fame and reputation which is assigned the colors red, purple pink and orange and given the fire element. Helpful people and travel is yet another and is represented by metal element and silver, gold and white colors.

Love and marriage is also a represented area given brown and yellow colors and the element earth. Its direction is southwest. Another crucial area is fame and reputation represented by the fire element and the colors orange, red, purple and pink. It is also referred o as the light giver. Helpful friends and travel is also found on the map and is characterized by the metal element and silver, gold and white colors.

Career path is also an important area given, it is specified by the colors blue and black and water as the element assigned. The water symbolizes the beginning of a journey. The final area is health and family which is characterized by the use of the green color and wood element.

The familiarization of the energy map and its areas should be the first step. Once this done, you can design a small blueprint of your space and overlay the map onto the drawing. It is important the lower section faces the main front door. The map will help you make the necessary changes to specific areas of your home that are not in balance.

There some area that may be missing in the bagua map. These areas have weak energy and require to be cured using the feng shui principles in order to maintain the balance. You can apply the use of elements and colors mentioned to improve the energy balance.

This concept has been used in interior design for a long period of time. It has been believed to bring opportunities to businesses and improve quality of life of families. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of using this energy map to balance this energy is commonly referred to as qi.

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