Using Womens Spiritual Nature Retreats Midwest

By Raymond Walker

Unfortunately there are many females within this world who have to put up with many problems which men do not face on a daily basis. This is the reason why Nan who is from Chicago, IL likes to take part in womens spiritual nature retreats midwest each year.

Unfortunately Nan had no idea that her eighteen year old child had become sexually involved with a man who was approaching the age of forty. She had met him in her training class and this suave sophisticated male was recently divorced with a twelve year old child. Ralph was married to Nan and he could not believe that his daughter could be interested in such an old man.

Unfortunately none of this worked and things seemed to get even worse. Even though her child was slightly over the age of eighteen Nan did not want her dating a man who was that much older. She felt that Heather should be around people who were only a little bit older than her. Heather constantly told her parents that she was grown and could do as she pleased and this news did not make her dad happy at all.

He wanted to go to this man's apartment and punch him in the face but luckily Nan was able to stop him from doing this action. She wanted peace within her family and this was never going to happen if such violent acts happened for no reason at all. Nan even talked to her friend Joyce about this situation and she had some great advice to give to her very dear friend. She also reminded Nan that her daughter was also an adult in the eyes of the law.

Fortunately Nan had learnt to live with this information but she still needed time away from the nightmare of her dear family. Joyce had told her about the wonderful trip which some of the ladies were taking and Nan agreed to become part of this group. In no time at all she had packed a bag and was headed to the bus station. They had rented a bus and it seemed as though this trip would be nothing but fun.

During the bus ride all of these ladies would sing and tell stories about their first crushes and everything else under the sun. They were very happy to share these experiences with one another and had all become fast friends. They were also headed to the great state of Wisconsin.

Once arriving at this place the dynamic group headed to their hotel and checked into their rooms. Nan was lucky enough to share her living quarters with Joyce and Sandy. Sandy was a single woman who needed time away from her parents and the children that she taught at school.

They all attended the camp fire outing after they had dinner and there was even some dancing going on. Many of the males tried to get Nan's telephone number but she reminded them that she was married and wanted to stick close to her friends but on the other hand Sandy was available.

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