What A Dialectical Behavior Therapist NY Can Do For You

By Virginia Nelson

Dialectical behavior therapy has become more and more successful over the years since it was developed. It is particularly useful for people who have borderline personality disorder. This is what it was initially developed for. However, many other people take advantage of a dialectical behavior therapist NY for various other issues and disorders that they face in their lives as well.

There are advantages to working in groups as well as on an individual basis. This will depend on the client, the severity of the situation and their personality. Some people enjoy connecting with others who are suffering in the same way as them. It helps them to see that they are not alone and isolated in the world.

However, there are many people who prefer more attention, an in a case like this, one on one therapy would be the best option. It is also best for someone who is battling with a more severe disorder or issue in their lives because they will be more relaxed being able to work at their own pace. It is important that they are not pushed.

In saying that, the patient must know that this is more of an intense type of program where you have to invest a lot of time. Something like talk therapy can be drawn out. It is a process that can take months or even years. However, DBT moves on very quickly with homework and tasks that is assigned outside of the session.

This type of a program can work well for people who are suffering from various addictions. Some people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts will also benefit. It will help them to deal with their negative emotions and thoughts. They learn more about how to be mindful and how to eliminate these thought patterns which need to be incorporated into the routine.

There are different techniques and methods which work for different people. For example, a lot of people with borderline personality disorder will react quickly to a situation. Some people find that music is a good outlet. Some people find that heavy breathing can be helpful. Slowly, these behaviors will begin to change over time.

Some of the skills taught can be compared to the Buddhist movement of mediation. Of course, the program has nothing to do with religion. It is more referred to as mindfulness. This will basically help the patient to relax and stay calm during the process. It is something that should be applied during their daily lives.

A client will have to look at the future. This will involve strengths and weaknesses. They should have long term goals in mind. They need to feel a sense of compassion for themselves. Many people are kind to others, but not to themselves. It is important to feel worthy and to raise these levels of self esteem before moving on. Before looking at the methods and techniques, it is also important that the patient deals with the underlying issues as well. Often, this is associated with something like PTSD.

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