What Veterans Organizations Provides Servicemen

By Michael Watson

Outfits that are tasked to be for military personnel who have served America and its military organizations are many and varied. These will be groups with goals, an advocacy or a general focus on things like health. Those that have long been established have many members, and they operate on a non prejudicial basis, without special requirements and the like.

Established veterans organizations include the Retired Enlisted Association or the Navy League of the United States. Vietnam veterans organizations are many because a lot of people served there and most of them are still living. And because of the issues that were formed during and after the conflict, many of these have political or social agendas.

Organizations that can be called healthy may be the kind serving as reserves for specific units or general classifications. These units can be army divisions or naval squadrons that the members once fought for. This also means that reservists are certainly fit enough to serve again, but since Vietnam was not a popular conflict, there might be less of these.

This unpopularity gave impetus to the making of more organizations for Vietnam vets, groups that might even have an underground agenda. They can sometimes be so marginalized because they are after a form of justice that can only be served by violence. Many if not all of these are not mentioned or even listed in official or recognized lists.

Local, state or federal authorities all have to recognize any group of military vets, because their service is important to the country. They need to do so and maintain cordial ties because doing otherwise can easily alienate ex servicemen who have given years of their lives defending America. But government can be choosy especially in terms of financial and material support for the organization in question.

Some other orgs may recruit members who belong to an ethnic group or race, and the fight here is one for equality and basic rights of the soldier. These are a type of association that may include religious orgs or even societies or sodalities. The servicemen who came from Vietnam can often find shelter in these groups after the divisive and bitter protest battles done by other orgs.

It is good to also note how Vietnam is just one war among many Americans participated in, and a lot of association were found long before it. Vets are also very clubby types that often want the company of their own or even those with the same professional specialties who have seen war, like correspondents or artillerymen, say. And these associations will have the most sterling goals.

These organizations may be ones that are tasked to help out all kinds of vets. Thus most will focus on one kind of support system or program like those who are missing a limb, or those with PTSD and generally helping out people lead ordinary lives in the civilian world. Vietnam is distinguished by the discovery of PTSD, psychological post combat trauma that is true for all vets.

One good organization that came out of the war in question is Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. And this is probably one the biggest orgs focused so. The members can have served in Vietnamese rice paddies, but this is not an exclusive thing, or even a requirement for them to help. Most groups, in fact, know that they have to help out any war vet that needs it.

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