Becoming One With The Lord Through The Faith Christian Church

By Anna Butler

Nothing is permanent in this world. As a matter of fact, you only have a short period of time to live here on this planet. Nobody is smart enough to predict the day of your death. It can be later, tomorrow, or next year. As you see, the world is full of unpredictable events. That is why, while you still have a chance to ask for salvation, try to embrace it.

Your life here on earth is just temporary. However, if you can satisfy God with your good deeds, He will reward you the paradise. He will live with you. He would love the way He loves His father. That is His promised. Despite with all the uncertainties in this world, His promise is the only thing that remains certain. If you are interested in Jesus, you must certainly visit the Faith Christian church Wichita KS.

Together with other followers, try to understand the Lord. Learn His words. Know your roles and obligation to this world. You see, God is not a puppet. He does not run a customer service industry. You cannot just call His help every time you need it. You could not just complain about your life every time He sends you challenges.

However, the salvation they are referring to is the material salvation. They want to attain a comfortable life in this world. They love to obtain what they want. They like to have a good and sustainable career. Truly, as a human, desiring all of those things are quite normal. Jesus Christ does not really restrict you from having all of those materials.

Even so, for those followers who decided to become His disciples, they should make a lot of sacrifices. Truly, if you own a lot of wealth and fortune, you might find it very difficult to give up on your richness. In human perspective, sharing a large fortune of it to less fortunate might be quite hard. This is the primary reasons why only a few people are qualified enough to enter His Kingdom.

They are very selfish. They claimed to love God. However, they failed to show it through their actions. They persecute their enemies. They hate people who hate them. Sometimes, to obtain to an enormous fortune, they even left their Christianity behind. They pray and worship the Lord. However, they did not perform a single thing that will greatly prove their Christianity.

Most of you are hypocrites. Most of you only call God when things get convenient. You thought that nobody is looking every time you lie or commit crimes. Even if you do know about it, you try to ignore Him. Most of you try to hurt Him.

People are too absurd with their own happiness that they forget to remember the good things that God give to them. Just for you to realize this, sins are contagious. It is a disease that had long infiltrated the world. They are the main cause of war, crimes, and corruption. They even stained those people who are good in nature. They tortured some other people like animals.

Show it by following His footsteps. If Jesus Christ accepts to be treated like a criminal just for the sake of saving the sinners, you should do it too. Do not worry. From the very beginning, God has a plan for you. Regardless how many times you stumble from sins and hurt Him, He will always come to pick you up.

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