Tips From Leadership Communication Consulting

By Harold Wood

Great leaders are great communicators. However, leaders nowadays rarely deliver the kind of speech that inspires people to be better and touches their spirit. Majority of the time, they do not articulate their passion when communicating to their teams because of the confidence they get from their position.

When making presentations to your teams, always keep in mind that your goal is to be effective. Numerous leadership communication consulting firms highly recommend that leaders promote vision, compel greatness, tell stories, reinforce principles, show appreciation, be vulnerable and build leaders.

If there are employees or customers which have done their jobs correctly, then let others know about it. Do not discuss numbers or depend on slides throughout the entire presentation because these will most likely bore them. Share some things about yourself because a lot of the employees probably do not know you. Share stories about your failures, mistakes and fears. This way, you can create connection.

Leaders should lift up and celebrate other people in the organization that everyone loves and respects. This is definitely the fastest way for them to make their team members love them. The latter will trust them more when they recognize those who look after everyone. Also, leaders should know who are doing the work.

Leaders should also show appreciation. Team members will definitely feel awesome if leaders say thank you. In fact, it will make their teams work harder. It cannot be denied that employees will appreciate it if leaders appreciate the sacrifices they do and all the hard work.

When it comes to reinforcing principles, it is advisable to not only talk about it, but give examples too especially on how team members can execute it. In addition, they should explain the changes or decisions made and connect these to the core principles. Aside from making the team members understand that these are taken seriously, they will do the same too.

Of course, leaders need to tell everyone about what they believe. This is how vision is promoted. Telling everyone the importance of what they do and how their individual roles contribute to something more important and greater is advisable. Team representatives should know where they are going. Last, but not the least, leaders should challenge team members to accomplish great things. Team members would like to be a part of something big. So they should know what is coming in the future, what the leaders believe in and what the leaders see.

Provided that your employees feel they are being valued, the chances of them staying will truly increase. If they believe in you, they have no reason to leave. If they know that you got their back and that you walk your talk, you have no reason to be afraid that they will leave. You are their leader and how you communicate to them matters a lot so make every word count and mean it.

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