Having Conversations About Things That Matter To God

By Raymond Cooper

Humans more often than not are conscious that there is a supreme being. The concept of some sort of god is found in most cultures, although more modern philosophies may be dedicated to the idea of a godless universe governed by chance. However, anyone having conversations about things that matter to God has presumably accepted that God is an entity mindful of man and the things of the earth. So, the question to start with is perhaps: what does matter to God?

Many people create their own definition of God. Perhaps this is inevitable, since it's almost impossible for anyone to be totally objective. However, often this is a conscious choice, made to fit what they feel they need from a supreme being and what they cannot accept from ancient teachings.

The existence of hell is a good example of something many people reject, even if they are okay with other tenets of Christianity. Those who want to think of the Lord as a loving creator may not accept His role as judge and condemner. The fact that this viewpoint dilutes the value of the crucifixion and weakens standards of right and wrong is not enough to make them acknowledge a loving spirit who also demands atonement before deserved punishment can be averted.

You can see why some common ground is necessary before conversation can be meaningful. If sin matters to God as much as the Bible says it does, conduct will be an important topic. Those who choose to believe that the Lord of the Bible has defined Himself will base their arguments on scripture. Others may choose to believe what they are comfortable with, what makes sense to them, what makes them feel good.

The bible as truth has many supporters who cite archaeological discoveries or miracles as evidence. Many are skeptical that God would speak through human authors. Those who believe are as convinced as those who do not.

Two or more are needed for a conversation, and they have to share some ideas. A person who embraces the mystic power of crystals probably won't be interested as much in what matters to the Lord as in what matters to them, what will enhance their life. It will be easier for two believers to talk about spiritual things, since they will agree on many basic concepts.

Some enjoy studying the Bible in an effort to understand God and his expressed will. They are comfortable with helping the poor, since this is a recurring commandment. Discussions of how best to implement this and other obligations are both enjoyable and productive. Those with no one to talk to can listen to Christian talk radio and call in if they want to participate more deeply.

The book of Ephesians is just one part of the bible which encourages believers to speak of godly things. Loose talk is to be avoided, as is cursing and evil speech. Instead, they are to speak of what is pure and good. They are directed to build up the body, which is the congregation of the followers of Christ.

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