A Summary Of Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms

By Carolyn Stewart

Each book of the bible has a unique approach to Christian living. The Psalms thus presents a unique proposal on living like a Christian. Normal Christianity found in the psalms can be viewed from different angles based on the teachings of different chapters. This normal life involves gratitude, humility, praise, following the law and many other ways of living a sanctified life.

The introduction is captivating with the declaration that blessed is he who follows the law of God other than keeping company of sinners. It is a call for Christians to regard the book as delivering the law. A Christian is called upon to medicate on these laws. Those who follow the law enjoy the rewards of prosperity while the evil doers perish.

Chapter 23 is one of the most popular and recited prayers of surrender. It begins with recognition of the Lord as a shepherd who provides all a Christian needs. This is a story of a person who has enjoyed the goodness of God. He eats his fill despite the machinations of enemies. Beyond that, he has the promise of eternal life.

The beginning of chapter 121 is a cry but the end is exaltation. At the beginning, one wonders who will come to his rescue. However, at the end, the answer is God, the Mighty one who created heaven and earth. David knows that his protection or help can only come from He who does not sleep or slumber. He also will never abandon him or let his finger hit the stone.

Christians sometimes feel abandoned or lost in the world. This is the basis of chapter 42 which equates the desire to be one with God to that of a deer panting for cool waters. The psalmist even reminisces days he used to feel close to God to the point of leading praises in the temple. It is a cry for rescue, giving Christians the right words to cry to God when that time comes.

The righteous sometimes envy the perceived quick and shiny victories of evil doers. This is perfectly captured by chapter 37. God is quick to remind the envious to be patient and watch the evil doers being destroyed. In his words, this prosperity fades instantly like grass fire. The patient follower of the law is rewarded with the earth as his inheritance.

Sometimes Christians feel as though they can hide from God only for Him to appear at their perceived secret place. This is the message of chapter 139 where the psalmist says that the Lord has searched him and knows who he is. He knows when he is going in and when he is going out. It is surrender that no matter how far one wants to run from God, He knows everything.

A holistic life is a matter of reflections on His commands and nature of God. The book of psalms presents the instances of praise, exaltation, submission and desperation, all of which are instances one encounters in life. The psalmist is very poetic and takes a simplistic approach with great lessons to learn in order to get a fulfilling life.

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