What One Must Have In Brainfood Diet

By Debra Clark

The brain is at the center of human health. It controls every single bodily movement. One can only move from one place to another if it facilitates balance and coordination. Eyesight, hearing, rationalizing, thinking and even sex are facilitated by the human brain. Thus, when it is healthy, a person is healthy. When it dies, that is the end of an individual. Brainfood diet will take brain health to a completely new level. Thus, it will lead to a better quality of life. On top of eating right, one should properly dehydrate his body.

Brain cells communicate in real time. This is what keeps human beings alive. Just the slightest error in this communication will cause undesirable consequences. Neurotransmitters carry the messages from one cell to another. These are made of basic building blocks of proteins called amino acids. Thus, one needs a diet that is rich in the various kinds of proteins. Animal proteins are usually considered complete.

The body needs plenty of vitamins on a daily basis. This is because, everyday, many cells are broken down. The speed of regeneration of cells depends on the supply of vitamins. Part of the regenerated cells, are brain cells. Thus, by extension, vitamins help the human brain. They make it more vibrant. The brain particularly needs folic acid and vitamin B16.

There are a number of natural sources of vitamins. Meat and bread have vitamins but in small quantities. If one needs an adequate supply, he will need to eat fruits. Avocados particularly will enhance the wellness of the brain. In addition, one needs blueberries. Leading scientists in the world consider blueberries as a super food because it has many beneficial antioxidants.

Since time immemorial, people have had the idea that fish is good for the brain. As a matter of fact, it is usually said that people who eat a lot of fish such as the Japanese are geniuses. There is some truth in this assertion. Fish helps the brain because it is loaded with omega 3 acids. This is helpful for kids.

Having a sharp memory is something desirable. It will make one to excel in studies and to be a better human. Many people will love a person who always remembers faces and names. Memorizing ability makes life better. If one has a poor memory, one can improve it through having a diet that is rich in beneficial foods like broccoli.

Coconut oil has brain benefits. This oil is rich in almost every important nutrient class ranging from proteins to minerals. Therefore, a daily dose of coconut oil will not only help the brain but will also improve the state of the heart and other organs. One can use this oil in different ways. Some people usually take it raw.

Food is basic human need. One should not only eat to satiate hunger. There is also need to indulge in different foods with the goal of boosting brainpower. The state of the brain will determine how far an individual will reach in life. One should eat foods that have brain benefits. Complementing a diet with a number of supplements is also a good idea.

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