The Impact Of The Circle Of Change Programs On Veterans

By Nancy Martin

Post-traumatic stress disorders pose a high risk to veterans and the general public as well. The adverse medical condition is often the first stage paving the way forward to a plethora of other debilitating scenarios. The number of suicides and homicides resulting from PTSD is the number one concern on the minds of many doctors and researchers. Private organizations like the circle of change have also come onboard to try and offer their assistance to the Patriots.

The COC initiative is made possible thanks to the determined efforts of veterans and volunteers. The ideal candidates are the veterans who are physically challenged, those in transition and for individuals who are suffering from any adverse mental-related condition. Getting started is as easy and as straightforward as walking into any VA clinic or center and signing an agreement.

PTSD and the other psychosocial problems arising in soldiers have proved to be difficult to identify. Someone might look and sound fine from the outside looking inwards. But, in essence, they are going through a living nightmare which never ends on the inside. These people have difficulty relating with others, and they have problems sleeping. If the conditions are not detected early enough, it is often a sure recipe for disasters moving forward.

Without the timely intervention of the experts who work at this centers, the Veterans will most probably never get transitioned back into civilian life. The individuals will have a problem of holding down a job for an extended duration, and they also tend to suffer from all sorts of relationship upheavals which keeps them from leading quality lives.

Dogs are an important cornerstone of the treatment regimen offered by the organization mentioned here. It takes lots of patience and an immense amount of effort to break a troubled dog. This energy serves as a critical distraction for the service men and women. And, by the time they realize it they have already learned how to calm themselves and reintegrate back into the society.

Ideally, the training course takes a period of thirteen weeks to complete. The students have to attend the two-hour weekly classes which are taught by certified dog trainers. The interactions with their comrades also confer many rewards and benefits when it comes to helping them rebuild their lives for the better.

Thanks to their sincere efforts, the establishment has gone ahead and transformed the lives of hundreds of ill veterans. These individuals who were once unable to get a job can now do so easily. Their relationships also experience a complete turnaround, and this is indeed baby steps in the right direction.

To make the transition a complete success; the non-profit organization works hand in hand with other community partners. The volunteers are either people who have had someone in their lives who has PTSD or just generous souls interested in the well-being of the veterans. To get in touch with them, just stop by their official website and drop them a line with your question.

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