The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Hypnosis

By Anna Phillips

This is one type of condition of the human consciousness at which the person only gives a full attention into a specific thing or situation and this lead to a reduction of peripheral awareness and losing it. This can be referred as well to the art, act, and skill of inducing hypnosis. The altered state theory and non state theory are the most common theories explaining the things occurring in this condition.

Through this, a person will have heightened both the concentration and the focus, meaning, concentrating intensely into the thought and memories, thus, the sources of distraction will be blocked out. Hypnotherapist is a profession that is related with this condition and to perform the therapy. The hypnotherapists for Washington DC hypnosis have surely been addressing properly the concerned problems on this.

There are a lot of different applications of hypnosis in multiple fields and these would include for the purposes of medical, psychotherapeutic, military, entertainment, and self improvement. Since before, this is already being used as supplemental approach for the therapy of cognitive behavior. Usually, it is defined as related to the classical conditioning, where in both hypnosis and stimuli are the conditioned responses.

Aside from those, some other purposes of this is for sports, physical therapy, rehabilitation, forensics, and education. Some artists also have been utilizing this for their creations. There are people drawing analogies between the hypnotism aspects and areas including religious hysteria, ritual trances, and crowd psychology. So here are the following advantages and disadvantages of hypnotherapy.

The deeper responses for the body relaxation are activated. Through this, the sympathetic nervous systems activities will be reduced, blood pressure is decreased, heart rate is slowed, and healing will be accelerated. The control of life, surroundings, relationship, and body is another important advantage. And thus, a person can make a realization about the unfolding of his or her life.

This can be considered also as a self hypnosis, and this means that people can be able to control their own hypnotic state. They have the freedom on choosing to explore the subconscious specifically the memories, images, and sensations. And maybe, they can also choose to open their eyes anytime, and return into a room.

Through this, self care methods are also learned, and thus, some of the needed lifetime tools are learned also including the techniques, ideas, and also resources. There are also some changes on the events reactivity and stress response. Due to the changes, the muscles are relaxed, the immune system will restore the healing mode, and the health is increased.

And the following are the disadvantages. One is not letting the therapy to work when the person is not willing, nor focused, and is not wanting it for healing. A person who guides them only is the hypnotherapist. Because of this, patients must participate fully, become dedicated to space and time, and to practice the self hypnosis.

And also, this cannot be fixed quickly. It often needs several sessions to take effect and for permanent healing. Though in most cases, one session has only eliminated life long allergies and chronic neck pains. For chronic diseases, many sessions are required as well for a lasting change and one very common example for these sessions is the multiple sclerosis.

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