Linda Goodman Astrology Gives Universal Life Perspectives

By Debra Hamilton

The state of Kentucky gave birth to a woman named Mary Alice Kemery on April 9, 1925. The same date is also marked as the birth of Sun Signs, probably the most widely used astrological systems in America. This is because Ms. Kemery later went on to become a poet and famous guru of the stars. The book that made her famous was published 1968, landed and stayed on the NY Times bestseller list for a long time. It was the first book of its kind to accomplish the feat.

Humans have had a long romance with systems of divination or fortune telling. Astrology, which is divining fate through the stars, is still one of the most loved systems today. Often encountered in horoscope sections of newspapers and magazines, Mary Alice Kemery aka Linda Goodman astrology has created a strong niche for itself in America, spawning schools of thought, websites, books, artefacts, and published materials among its numerous believers.

Life is often an unsecured set of circumstances for people. They can turn to religion, with its set of stringent laws, lifestyles and beliefs. But for more common or everyday purposes, even the most pious believers will often go to horoscopes. These are more democratic, freely given to people from all walks of life.

Ask those who rely on Sun Signs and they will give testimony that they work. From the initial work of Goodman, they are connections to the inner working of universal systems like galaxies. What is supposed to be time as humans know does not relate to the signs, could be in fact untrue in the deeper aspects of cosmic communication.

The Lady Linda, as she was nicknamed by one follower, kept up the search for the said connections during her entire life. Sometimes she saw these related to events or specifics of her personal experience. Often, they were an entire set of circumstances involving friends and other people. The label star struck is applicable for her, but it has benefited a lot of people with the workings of destiny through a universal order.

Fame and fortune followed the astrologer probably because she was conscious only of the signs that ruled her fate. The most vaunted intellects were often the ones most attracted to the Goodman method. Remember, also, that she was thought on the same level as they and made old supernatural symbols very relevant to modern living in a practical as well as charmingly believable way.

There are those who will never acknowledge the truth in astrology. But the popularity of Sun Signs and its philosophy is a constant reminder of its strong element of rightness. But in secret, perhaps, lots of people read horoscopes because they offer a way of seeing into the future. Linda Goodman has a following of millions, not simply a few isolated souls. They are respectable and totally sane.

It is a fringe whose popularity has spread on a global scale that is amazing in a world that has supposedly woken up from its infatuation with the supernatural. In the end, the star guru never wanted people debating heatedly over points of belief or disbelief. Rather, she would have everyone try to open their hearts to the heavens.

Because there are beings out there we can tune to. Not even the most brilliant physicist can deny the existence of a universal intellectual order. And people are only beginning to understand it through the teachings of a very wise woman.

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