By Attending Psychic Readings Denver Clients Seek Paranormal Advice

By Christine Wood

There is no time in recorded history where mention is not made of the existence of people that have powerful and unique abilities. Magicians, witches, prophets and seers abound in the lore of every culture. Even the Bible boasts numerous examples and tales of individuals with extraordinary talents that cannot be explained by logic or reason. In modern society, by going for psychic readings Denver residents seek out advice from mystic sources.

Paranormal practices have always elicited strong opinions from both sides of the fence. Critics are adamant that practitioners are nothing but amateur psychologists with a gift for close observation. They say that they prey on gullible people, leading them to believe that they have insights ordinary humans do not have. Paranormal practices are nothing but an unethical fleecing of the innocent.

Critics insist that these practitioners cause great harm. Their clients believe them and act according to the advice of the practitioner. In this way many people never make their own informed, independent decisions and in many cases they make grave errors. Of course, say the critics, practitioners will have very convincing arguments to explain why things did not work out as promised.

The fact remains, however, that many paranormal advisers are highly regarded by prominent personalities. Some celebrities will not make important decisions before consulting with an advisor and many thousands of ordinary people follow their example. Many highly publicized criminal cases have seen paranormal specialists called in by the police to assist at the crime scene or to help locate missing persons and objects.

Supporters of the paranormal say that negative publicity is loaded with lies and half truths. They maintain that no recognized specialist in the paranormal will ever claim to be able to divine the future, to read the minds of others or to mix potent potions with magical abilities. Their only talent is the ability to make use of the energy fields surrounding all living things and to use that energy to communicate across different dimensions.

Some practitioners even state that they have no unique or special paranormal abilities at all. They say that, for reasons unknown to them, they were chosen as messengers by beings from other dimensions. They have no control over the process and they just act as conduits. Cynics are pointed to the Bible, where there are numerous examples of God using chosen people to relay his messages.

The thriving paranormal industry is not formally regulated. There are no formal training programs and it is not necessary to be licensed in order to practice. Clients need to understand this and accept the fact that they heed the advice of advisers at their own risk. There are no official bodies where complaints van be lodged.

Millions of people are fascinated by the paranormal. The huge following that films and television series on this topic has just underscores the fact. Maybe the future will reveal whether the paranormal is real and not just fiction, as critics say.

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