Using A Christian Executive Coach

By Katy Parfait

Christian leaders are responsible for leading people and executing a particular vision. Because not all leaders and those with visions are skilled at executing or using tactics, they often hire personnel to accomplish those tasks. A Christian Executive Coach is someone who steps in to do same in the life of a leader, serving numerous purposes in respect of the larger picture of goals and objectives.

Though leaders are dedicated to their respective organizations, they, too, have multi-dimensional lives that are important outside of the organization. Leaders have families, friendships and communities that make up the greater whole. One purpose of having a coach is to help create a balance in every aspect of one's life at any given time. The coach will be able to remind the individual about this broader vision.

A coach also motivates. Leaders very often lead by themselves. They don't have anyone monitoring what they do.

If a leader is not at the top of his game, the entire organization will suffer and so will the overall vision. It is impossible for anyone to function at 100% at all times. A coach can be a "life alarm", used to challenge, push and steer an individual in the right direction.

A coach also provides a wise listening ear. So many ideas come to a leader at once, but some ideas should never be realized. Coaches will be able to determine what works from what doesn't; what serves you and will push the vision and what will hinder you. Though many people don't like to hear their ideas aren't good, as a leader, it is necessary to have someone say so.

Having a Christian Executive Coach means you have invested in being successful. Be strategic in how you use one to stay in line with your wider goals. This is your safety net.

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