The Characteristics Of An Energy Healer

By Linda Ross

One may have this gift from the day you were born. So, it shall be best for you to watch out for these signs and hone your skills if you indeed have them. Gain a greater purpose in life and help other people in whatever they are going through right now. Be a greater person than you have ever been.

Empathy is now strengthened within you. One may not be entirely certain that you are an energy healer but with this trait, your life is bound to take on a different course. Another thing which you have to accept is the visions coming from the lives of other people. Once they become your own, you ought to help their owners in your small ways.

You always get complimented that you have a soothing presence. If this happens most of the time, you already need to take a good look inside yourself. If you are able to heal yourself personally, acknowledge that gift and be able to use it in everyday of your life. Do not shy away from it and let the unknown take over you.

Your family does not get sick that often. There may be nothing special in there but the tiniest details need to matter now. Plus, you do not need to pressure yourself to come up with a conclusion any time soon. Just know that one is connected with others now and it is your responsibility to help out once in a while.

You get to be more anxious for no apparent reason. You may not like this feeling in the beginning but you shall eventually get the hang of it. What is essential is that you study all the vibrations that one is getting. When you are finally able to interpret, you can separate the good from the bad.

Your moods can be very unstable at first. So, your main solution at this point will be meditation. When you become successful in separating yourself from the real world, you shall get a better sense of what just happened. Therefore, the adjustments shall be easier to make and you could already explain to your family what is happening to you.

You are already more selfless. Your course of actions is now set on how you can improve the lives of other people. Remember that you can no longer control the visions that are being shown to you. The least thing that one could do is act upon them and feel that you have made a difference.

This can serve as a distraction to your own problems. When you play the Good Samaritan, you shall be blessed in the greatest way. So, you get to continue your mission.

Overall, simply accept who you really are and try taking a profession which shall help you in performing your new mission. In that way, you get to be more relaxed everyday. This is important when you are still uneasy with the vibrations which demand immediate solution at this point.

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