Alcohol Ink Art Tips And Information

By Shirley Richardson

There area a lot of benefits to being creative, including better physical health and a calmer state of mind. Artistic endeavors can be wonderful for working through anxiety and stress, and allows one to feel accomplished when they see the beauty of their efforts. Alcohol ink art is a way to use vibrant colors to get a stunning marbling effect on many different surfaces.

This product is a fast drying medium that contains no acid and can be used to paint on a variety of non-porous surfaces only. Its high pigment count means that the colors are concentrated, very vibrant, and that a few drops will actually cover a great deal of space. These inks are gaining popularity among the artistically inspired individuals in Phoenix, AZ.

The marbling techniques of this medium are perfect for creating backgrounds for paintings, stamping projects, and cards. It also lends itself to making great tiles, stationary, jewelry, wall hangings, and more. Before getting started on any artistic trip with the inks, one should know the materials they will need so that everything is on hand once the energy starts to flow.

The list of necessary materials naturally starts with inks, which are available in 5 ounce containers. There is such an array of accessible colors which are made even more versatile by adding extra pigment or a metallic element to create a luminous or polished look. Even beginners can get amazing results when using the coordinated kits which feature three hues that are designed to work together.

A blending solution is also needed as it is very important to getting the right affect with this medium. This product is generally used to lighten or dilute certain areas of a piece in order for the artist to achieve their desired effect. It also serves the additional purpose of being the best way to clean excessive or unwanted color from one's tools, hands, or surface, both during the process and when completed.

Whether an aspiring artist, or a seasoned pro, it will be necessary to gather all the various applicators one might be inclined to utilize on their work. A handled stamp with a felt application pad is one of the more popular tools utilized to get that amazing marbling effect. Refillable marker pens, gloves, straws, and canned air are also useful implements that will allow an individual to produce a variety of interesting looks.

A non-porous surface, such as those frequently chosen, like dominoes, metal, acrylic, glass, ceramic tiles, card stock, plastic, polymer clay, or resin, is needed as well. In most cases, regardless of material, it is strongly recommended to apply two or three very thin layers of clear coat sealer to protect the colors against fading or being wiped opp. Porous surfaces are not advisable since they simply soak up and mute the vibrancy of the liquid.

There are a variety of fun and interesting techniques that are perfect for these inks. A person is virtually unlimited in the range of creativity they can explore to produce amazing works. The freedom to express oneself is easy to accomplish with such a forgiving medium and all its stunningly vibrant color choices.

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