With Help From A Couples Counselor In Bethesda Many Relationship Are Rescued

By Laura Cooper

Becoming involved in a close relationship with a potential life partner is a serious matter. Two people decide that they love and respect each other enough to go through life together. Unfortunately, relationships often do not last, and for many different reasons. Some people simply cannot cope with the idea of being bound to one other person. Others do not want to change their ways. Whatever the reason, in many cases a couples counselor in Bethesda can provide sound advice.

Many studies have shown that a large percentage of relationships that simply do not work out in the long term can be ascribed to the fact that one partner, usually the male, does not accept that the roles of people in society have changed. Women are no longer almost automatically housewives and responsible for cooking and cleaning. They want their own careers and some men find this ambition threatening.

In days gone by two people in a relationship would not dare to live together, but the rules have changed and society is much more tolerant. Unfortunately, many people commit to a shared domestic arrangement before they are truly ready for a serious commitment. These relationships often fall apart and because there is no legal bond between the parties separation is easily achieved and there are no legal repercussions.

It is one thing to leave a partner but it is quite another thing to end a relationship that has produced children. In such cases it is vital to put the futures and well being of the children at the top of the priority list. In order to make sensible and realistic decisions in this regard it is highly advisable that both partners see a counsellor, who will guide them through both the legal and emotional minefields.

Many people that have been in a long term relationship opt for counselling because they have invested so much energy, emotion and time. They feel that everything possible should be done to preserve the status quo. Long term couples are also often wary of separating because they have accumulated joint assets, bank accounts and even property and prefer to rather try and rescue the relationship.

Relationships often break down because of a number of smaller issues rather than one or two serious ones. A counsellor can help them to look at their relationship objectively, to identify the issues that caused unhappiness and to devise plans to resolve those issues. It is important to understand, however, that the counsellor is not a miracle worker and that there are seldom quick results during therapy.

In some cases it is advisable to end a relationship. Some people are abusive and violent, both physically and emotionally. Others make demands that are totally unacceptable to the other partner. Partners become unfaithful, fail to meet their obligations and neglect the other partner. In such cases it is best to call it a day and to get out of the relationship.

A healthy relationship creates an environment where both partners feel safe, cherished and valued. When this is no longer the case, counselling is definitely indicated. A professional therapist can help couple to rediscover the magic they once experienced in the company of each other.

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