Bob Jain & 3 Benefits Gift Cards Have That Money Doesn't

By Paul Martinez

To say that gift hunting can be a challenge would be an understatement. This is especially true when you're shopping for someone you don't really know, so money is often the safest bet. Other times, however, you might want to go the extra mile and pick out a gift card instead. Why should gift cards be given instead of cash? With the help of Bob Jain, you will become familiar with 3 of the biggest reasons to do so.

There are many reasons why gift cards are worth giving, such as the absence of tax. For those who do not know, most gift card purchases aren't taxed. This is a big benefit that's passed along to the gift receiver, since they won't have to worry about covering an additional cost. Gift cards are worth giving over money for this reason, but there are other benefits that the likes of Bobby Jain Credit Suisse can cover.

Another perk of gift cards is that, more often than not, they are rather specific. For example, if you were to give someone a Best Buy gift card for their birthday, chances are that they will spend it on electronics. What this does, in theory, is prevent them from spending their own money on products they could cover with other means. This allows for a sense of convenience that the likes of Bob Jain CS can approve of.

Lastly, gift cards do not have to take on physical forms. Instead of going with the plastic options we all know, why not see if a company offers digital gift cards? Not only do they take up less space in one's wallet, but they can be accessed across different devices. It doesn't matter if you're out using a smartphone, at home in front of your computer, or what have you. Digital cards offer add to the convenience factor discussed earlier.

With these talking points, it's clear as to what gift cards have to offer over money. This isn't to say that the latter is a bad gift option in its own right, since it does the job in a hurry. However, if you truly want to make yourself stand out at any occasion - it could be a birthday party, baby shower, or what have you - the extra mile should be traveled. For reasons like the ones discussed earlier, gift cards are worth investing in.

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