Spiritual Growth Is Necessary For Wellbeing

By Jerry King

Three elements come together to complete an individual. These are body, mind and spirit. Striking a balance between these aspects will unlock a new level of wellness. Everyone requires spiritual growth. Progressing in this area makes one to lead a more meaningful life. A person should embrace his spiritual side. He should not run from it. Connecting with a bigger concept will make a difference in one's life. Not everything is visible. There are things that cannot be touched, tasted or heard. They are only felt. These relate to the spirit.

Food for the spirit matters. A person who feeds his soul grows. One who only feeds his body is doing a great disfavor to himself. If there is need for holistic wellbeing, an individual should feed the soul, the mind and the body. Knowledge and information help the mind to grow. However, growing spiritually is a completely different ball game.

The spirit is there. It exists, even if a person is ignoring it. It listens to everything in one's mind and knows beforehand what an individual will do next. Life will be meaningless and sad if one does not appreciate the value of the spirit. To be happy, comfortable and satisfied, growing one's spirit will help. It starts with baby steps.

There is some mysticism to life. Not everything is understandable. There are things that are beyond the scope of human understanding. A person may want to know why people have to suffer. One may desire to understand what happens when an individual dies. All these are questions that cannot be answered by flesh and blood. They require spiritual reasoning.

Seeing through spiritual eyes helps. There are things that the physical eyes cannot see. They require the involvement of the soul. Human ability becomes severely limited if the spirit is not involved. Religion helps to answer spirit related questions. Many have embraced religion for spirituality reasons. It does not mean that a non-religious person has complete disregard for the spirit side.

Spirituality can be shaped by religious thought. Religion has made the world a better place. Religious thoughts, stipulations and moral codes have shaped the legal systems of most countries. It is impossible to imagine a religion that does not involve spirituality. The leading world religions depend on the ability of people to activate their spirits through prayers, fasting and meditation.

Most people consider their faith as something important. There are many believers than non-believers in the world. To some, faith and spirituality is more than just going to church or the mosque. It is something that lives on the inside. A person might not be aligned to any major denomination but he maybe a person who places a lot of emphasis on spirituality.

Man was meant to be a spirit being. However, most humans try very much to separate themselves from their essence of being that is their spirit. Before a person was conceived and brought to this world, he existed as a spirit. With death, the body decomposes and perishes and the soul is removed and starts existing on its own.

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