Reasons Why CPR Classes Modesto Skills Are Necessary

By Jason Ellis

For many people who have been the victim of an accident or illness, CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is credited for saving their life. Prompt action when a person stops breathing is required to keep the oxygen flowing to the brain and to the other parts of the body. CPR is a method that can be easily taught to anyone who is willing to expend an hour or two learning the techniques and practicing them. CPR classes Modesto residents can take teach the correct technique.

CPR consists of two types of assistance to an individual who is not breathing. Closed chest compression is the first of the techniques. Rapid and repeated compression of the chest keeps the heart pumping blood. The chest pumping is combined with forcing air into the airways of the victim, thus maintaining enough oxygen in the body to sustain life. The method is the same for adults and for children, although there may be some modification for a small child.

Determining when the method is appropriate is important, but prompt action is required to keep the heart pumping blood and the lungs to do their job. Brain damage can happen relatively quickly without the action of a person who knows the procedures and is able to apply them correctly. Even a child can use the techniques of CPR in order to save a life.

The history of CPR is considered to have begun in the 1960s, but in reality, elements of the technique were used decades earlier. In the 1950s, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was invented and the U. S. Military adopted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive unresponsive victims. By the early 60s, the American Heart Association began a program to acquaint doctors with closed-chest resuscitation which became the forerunner of general public training. The AHA formally endorsed the method in 1963 and millions have been trained in the techniques in the decades since then.

Over the years, the AHA has remained active in training as well as sponsoring further development of the training methods. It is critical to use the methods as outlined in the many classes which are available today throughout the world. In Modesto, there are options in the size of the classes, as well as the times when the course is offered.

The instructors in the correct methods need to have additional training to be able to convey the methods correctly. There have been kits developed which assist in a general public class. Most people do not want to spend hours and hours in learning the techniques.

No one wants to think of a friend or family member suddenly stopping breathing due to an accident, heart attack or illness. There is no need to feel helpless in such a situation if the methods of CPR are known and used. In a number of occupations, CPR classes must be taken in order to be able to respond quickly.

Modesto residents of every age group have the opportunity to learn CPR techniques. They can feel confident about their ability to respond quickly if needed in an emergency. Saving the life of someone you love, or of a stranger is a gift of life for someone in an life-or-death situation.

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