Iphone Online Courses Are Worth Your Time

By Evelyn Walls

The Internet has become a valuable resource for learning how to do just about anything. It is no surprise that you can use iPhone online courses to become an iPhone expert, or maybe you just want to know how to use the GPS. Apple does have some information on their website, but there are better resources. The older phone models had buttons to push and were easier to use. But they did not have one tenth the functionality of any smart phone. With so many functions it is impossible to have a button for everything. Learning how to use an iPhone, or some other smart phone, has become a fundamental part of every day life. No one should feel any shame about needing some extra help. Smart phones are not self explanatory.

An Internet search with your web browser will provide you with links to sites that offer free courses. One website provides the user nineteen tutorials. You can select the ones of interest to you and by pass some of the others. At the end the site has a quiz so you can test yourself on how much you learned and retake the courses as needed. You will be able to use your iPod, iPad or phone to access the courses, which are clearly presented and easy to follow.

The iTunes site also has several free tutorials. They are all free and often provide you with links or access to more tutorials. The videos are fairly short, and you can learn what you need to know in seven to fifteen minutes blocks of time.

The Apple store online provides support pages free of charge. The topics are listed in appropriate categories. You can learn how to transfer data, how to adjust your settings and all about email and messaging. Be sure that you are using iCloud for backup. When a phone is lost, stolen or damaged, if the owner has failed to backup data to iCloud, all is lost.

There are paid courses online where you can usually get a ten day free trial, but after that the fee is about thirty five dollars a month. These course may be more robust and cover more topics. They offer an annual fee which is slightly less per month but you will pay one lump sum in excess of three hundred dollars. If you want to try these courses it seems reasonable to buy the service for a month before you commit that much money to something you may not use or need.

It seems like there is always YouTube to learn just about anything. Searching the YouTube site will provide numerous video tutorials for very specific topics, and there are always new ones being posted. Just choose the ones that interest you.

Google Chrome is also a resource for free tutorials and instructions. Users can switch back and forth between YouTube and Google to find the ones that are most helpful. Thanks to these two resources, the supply of information is virtually unlimited and constantly being updated.

iPhone owners can devote as much or as little time online as they choose for learning how to use their phone. For some just the basics is all they need, others want to use all the functions to their fullest extent. Take it slow and focus on specific items one at a time. Unless all you want to do is make a phone call, you will not be able to learn everything in one day.

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