Making "golden" Mistakes

By Evan Sanders

Fail forward rather than crumble to pieces.

Failure while tough at times, is one of our greatest chances to grow and elevate ourselves in our pursuit of achieving our goals and dreams. However there's another vital component to the equation of failure that we don't really cover that much.

This is about making mistakes.

The ability to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes is one of the most crucial elements in being able to become a success. While mistakes are not as bad as complete failures, they allow us to course correct without watching everything fall apart. If you can learn from your mistakes and what they are trying to teach you, you can get back on the path you were meant to be on without being knocked off completely.

You can learn a lot from succeeding but you can learn a whole lot more from things that don't really work out the first time. Edison learned more about electricity in failing over 1,000 times than he would have in nailing the light bulb in the 1st try. He probably wouldn't have gone on to be the amazing inventor he was if he didn't fail so much.

What truly made Edison an innovator is that he didn't allow his past mistakes to define what he could do in this moment. He knew that he would learn from all that he had tried and continued down the path of trying to invent the light bulb. Eventually he did and because of his determination and perseverance he illuminated the world.

We all mess up from time to time, that's inevitable. We are going to have moments where we fail to be ourselves and who we are capable of being. We are going to be "outside of ourselves" sometimes. That's fine and it's a completely natural part of life. The only thing to avoid is to turn these mistakes into our failures as a person. Then, when you become a failure, things get really hard to recover from.

So how can you really stop this from happening?

Own your mistakes. Take full responsibility for them. Know that your mistakes are a natural part of life and that they don't have to be things that completely destroy your character. When you own your mistakes, to yourself and to others, you are free from guilt.

By taking full responsibility for your life, you're going to be able to live the life you were meant to live - guilt free.

Be the best person you can be. Own your path.

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