Proper Communication For Adult With Intellectual Disabilities

By Daphne Bowen

Getting sick could happen to anyone and at any part of your body. The most common ones happen in your physical parts which are the most evident. But at times, there are also others that show no sign of any condition. This is when your mentality is the one being affected. The physical indications might come later. But you can see that changes are happening to the behavior of those affected by it.

There are several effects to experiencing and going through this. Most of the time, it can affect a person badly. However, there will be certain times when it can increase the intellectual capacity of a person. Their level becomes too high that these people regarded genius and could easily create things because of it. Adults with intellectual disabilities are rare cases through.

Several causes create these things to happen to someone. At times, this could be an inborn condition and the only way for cure is to constantly submit for treatment. Instances of accidents could also be the reason behind all of these. When it directly affects the head, some parts might be subject to damage.

People who get to encounter these individuals every single day must remember a few things aside from the fact that they do not have the proper mental functions that allow for common and normal interactions. It is that they must behave and talk in a certain manner so that both parties would be able to understand each other. Specific tips are also provided to guide you in better conversing with them.

There are certain things that you would do well to remember when communicating with them to ensure they can understand what you are saying as well. When talking, talk directly. There is no need to use baby talk since they are adults and they could easily be offended because of this.

Most of these people are in medical facilities all the time. This means that they do not get out that often and they have no idea what words other people are using on the outside already. Because of this, it is not advised to speak to them using unfamiliar words. This will only confuse the both of you and make it difficult for them to understand.

If you converse with them on a regular basis, listening is also necessary. According to experts, there is a higher chance of you understanding their needs if you think about listening well. Sometimes, their main organs are affected by their condition. Others could not speak clearly which makes for harder conversations.

Remember to not shout at all. There must be patience when you try to explain things to them. This is the only way they could understand what you are trying to say. Avoid shouting because it either agitates them or they would feel upset about it. This would result to not going anywhere with your conversation.

These are basic things you must think about when you are treating patients. For doctors that specialize in this, it is part of their training. Many establishments provide seminars so that they could learn what to do in order to make progress with treatments in connection to the current condition of the patient.

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