Avoid Life's Pretty Wallpaper & Get Dirty

By Evan Sanders

Love the true madness in real things. Without a little uncertainty, it's going to lack depth. Without depth, you're going to skim the border of what's really possible for you. Without finding your best stuff and what outlines your foundation, development and happiness will look like a distant dream. You see, there's a inherent tendency to become infatuated with the fast and simple, but that's not where the magic is. The magic lies within the depths. The magic takes some soul spelunking. The magic...is in jumping out of the canoe completely and diving deep down below into unexplored waters all while having unbreakable faith that you are going to find a pocket of air on the way down.

Uncertainty? Embrace it.

When you actually consider it, we reside in a world definitely full of chaos. Everything is going 1,000,000 miles a minute. Things are consistently collapsing and colliding together. It is actually a miracle that we are even in a position to function with everything taking place around us. Some find their way early and others spend their entire lives trying to find some type of personal meaning that will give them direction. We seek out guidance, knowledge, and consume giant amounts of info to help us try and sound right out of all of this. What is the point of the journey I am now on? Who am I while traveling on it? This uncertainty can seduce us into making an attempt to digest surface level pseudo-spirituality so as to help us understand ourselves. Don't misunderstand me, I am all about life quotes and the small titbits of bite-sized knowledge they can reveal to us, but without understanding context and avoiding diving into the depths we set ourselves up for disaster. Surface level foundations never work...try building a kingdom on wallpaper.

And that's really what all of this surface level stuff is when it comes down to it - wallpaper. It is what you put over something to cause it to appear all pretty and nice. Life isn't all pretty and nice. Life is dirty. Life can be vicious. Life can test you and bring you to your knees whenever it feels like it. No matter how much you try to avoid certain things occuring, life acts as a brilliant dart thrower, hitting it's target every time - regardless of how fast it's moving.

But in real things (thoughts, emotions, experiences) that have some depth to them, they are not wallpaper in the slightest. They've got some madness to them. They are not predictable, uncertain and almost always completely astonishing. They rip the rug out from under you and help you pop right back up when you are down. It's a bit chaotic, but that's the point. The chaos is the pretty part. The chaos is the art. When you start to live in that place, your entire life becomes part of that painting. Then, when you start to understand that you have a role to play in this world, you can start to develop the steered hand of the painter.

But you have got to get filthy first.

Roll around in the dust. Get mud on your face. Tear down the wallpaper. Burn down the termite ridden support beams you have created across the years and dance in the ashes of it all. That rock solid ground you are standing on - that's going to be the place where you build your life. It is time to build it over again and do the work you have always been frightened to do.

What really is life without a degree of risk? Just surviving.

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