Where To Apply For Theatre Camp Phoenix

By Toni Vang

When looking for a great Summer program for troubled youth, parents may want to consider a specialized camp. There are often ones offered in art, history, performing arts and science all over the world. One of the most well known of these camps is that of Herberger which offers a theatre camp Phoenix. While there are others, this particular camp offers children from dysfunctional homes, group and foster homes, homeless youth and those undergoing medical or psychological treatment the ability to attend free of charge.

Children attending these camps generally range from age four to eighteen. Although, in some cases, toddlers may also be accepted when portraying natural talent toward the performing arts. Still, as it is difficult for children to grasp different technical aspects and training before age five, four is probably about the best age for a child to first attend this type of educational Summer camp.

As different children have different interests, it is important to locate a program in which little ones will not get bored. Although, when it comes to performing arts oriented programs, there are generally a number of different areas in which those in attendance can focus. These areas often include coursework in writing and directing, acting for stage and film, musical scoring to stage set up and design.

Most camps provide instruction by local professors or other teaching staff along with volunteers who directly with children one-on-one. While instructors work to provide information through lectures, workshops, play programs and related exercises, volunteers often help answer questions and provide the self-confidence needed when working in the business.

When an individual is serious, it is often recommended that one find an agent or manager in the local area. While working in acting and other areas of the performing arts can be fun, it can also be quite time consuming. Actors tend to spend anywhere from 8 to 14 hours a day on set when filming for the movies, or multiple nights not only in production but also in preparation and rehearsals for stage plays.

Programs like Herberger and others offer an ongoing spirit of collaboration with other non-profits in the area. As such, there are many different opportunities available for attendees, instructors and volunteers. Whether attending, instructing or volunteering, there are places and positions for a number of people in these organizations and programs.

Some individuals can take rejections personally when lacking this knowledge. Something that can be quite hard for children whom have, or, are currently dealing with rejection in other areas. As such, most often these Summer programs try and find a place for every child in the final productions.

Ultimately, the children who attend a Summer camp in the performing arts often have an edge over others when it comes time to audition. Whether as a child or adult, acting can often be a stressful and time consuming experience. As such, it is important when applying to a program that parents or guardians look for ones which not only teach these skills but others related to rejection. Lessons which are important to all students of theatre, especially those which may have a history of emotional issues or rejection in other areas of life.

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