Help From Sex Addiction Counseling Palm Springs Ca

By Olivia Cross

Sexual addiction is a condition where a person becomes overly preoccupied with thoughts of sex. This may lead to behaviors, such as voyeurism or masturbation, which are intended to give them a desired effect. It is believed that more than thirty million people in the United States are currently suffering from this. If you are or a loved one suffers from this, there is information you should know about sex addiction counseling palm springs ca.

When treating a patient who displays this behavior, doctors will often test whether the person suffers from depression, anxiety or substance abuse. It is also important to confirm whether they suffer from hallucinations, delusions, or some type of personality disorder. Doctors need to know if these are the cause of the excessive sexual behavior. Doctors will often evaluate the person by giving them a quiz or test to screen them for sexual addiction.

This sort of addiction also includes fetishes, which is being aroused by specific objects or body parts. The sufferer may also take part in voyeurism, which is being aroused by watching the sexual acts of others, or exhibitionism, which is having others view their sexual acts. Sometimes they may also become involved with pedophilia, which is being arousal by having sexual contact with children.

These behaviors have actually been around for many years. In the last century, they were described as frenetic masturbation and nymphomania. It was also known as compulsive sexuality or intoxication. It was not until modern times that this behavior has been termed addiction.

Many people who suffer from this addiction can benefit from support and recovery groups such as Sexaholics Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous. Therapists often use cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients learn how to control themselves and how to identify their individual triggers that lead to the destructive behaviors. It can also help them to reevaluate their distorted thinking patterns that contribute to the negative behavior.

There are many methods doctors prescribe to treat the disorder. Antidepressants or antiseizure medication may be used to decrease hormones, especially in males. These drugs can help to decrease compulsive urges so that the sufferer feels more in control of his or her behavior.

Mood stabilizers are sometimes prescribed by doctors in palm springs ca for these addictions, as they may help to decrease impulsive behaviors and lead to greater self-control. The side effects are similar to what other drugs can cause, and will generally vary depending on the type of medication that is being prescribed for the patient. If you begin to experience severe side effects, such as palpitations, fever or allergic reactions, you should report this to your doctor.

People who suffer from this disorder often feel socially isolated. They tend to exhibit traits such as insecurity and impulsivity. They often have trouble maintaining stable relationships. This is because in their mind, their view of relationships is so skewed and unrealistic, that being with a regular person becomes boring and unsatisfying for them. This causes them to have intimacy problems in relationships. They also become easily frustrated and often have trouble coping with their own emotions. There is some evidence that people who have been sexually abused may be at a higher risk of developing sexual addiction. This is why stopping abuse is so important.

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