Clean Air Using An Oxygen Membrane

By Janine Hughes

A higher concentration of oxygen raises the level of efficiency and production in any process. The results have proven impressive even in circumstances where the boost was minimal. This has allowed oxygen membrane to be used in high end air conditions as part of the micro vacuum blower. This has helped to improve the purity of air as well as reduce over-concentration.

Units installed with air separation membranes are self contained which increases their efficiency in different environments. Operations in these environments are uninterrupted and do not require a lot of attention. They also work in the absence of filtration tanks which means that the units are smaller in size. This allows them to be used more areas.

Each operation environment is unique which has prompted the market to deliver unique products. In a biomass and bio gas environment, PRISM membranes are used. Their use enhances the economic value of methane produced during biomass processes. There are customized designs for such uses.

The popularity of prism membranes has been growing over the years. This has been confirmed through a number of tests. Comparing the membrane with other technologies used to perform the same functions, they are cost effective and will lead to huge financial relief.

The systems using PRISM membranes are easy to scale. This is advantageous for small firms that need to grow their operations over time. The light weight and the compact nature of these membranes make them ideal for a variety of uses. Further more, they do not require a lot of maintenance attention and will therefore save you labor and time.

With no moving parts, the membranes are stable and can therefore be used in a variety of environments. They have been applied in remote areas and performed excellently. This has been boosted by their resistance in harsh condition. There is no need for constant attention or close monitoring.

The environmentally friendly nature of separation membranes makes them ideal for large scale production units. They use a very innovative model that is sustainable. They allow a combination of separation and oxidation in one unit which is more efficient. The selective nature of these membranes enhances their performance. They are ultra thin which allows application in multiple environments.

Air separation membranes are manufactured using such elements as Perovskites, Ruddlesden and Flourites. These are very stable compounds which do not react with a myriad of surfaces. They are therefore ideal for multiple applications because they produce excellent results.

The environment of use determines the basic design or a membrane. Among the options available is the ceramic design with has several layers and is the best for sintering air. The fabric design prevents mismatch in air expansion, a sensitive behavior in certain production environments. Robust membranes are used on metallic surfaces because prevent co-sintering.

Oxygen separation is an environmentally friendly energy production and power generation process. Its application in industrial processes leads to sustainable development. Improved efficiency helps to reduce production cost while at the same time expanding your profit margins.

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