The Many Holiday Fundraiser Ideas

By Ida Dorsey

There are quite a few people who enjoy doing their own decorations and other creative events whenever Thanksgiving or Christmas season rolls around. This is one reason why holiday fundraiser ideas are necessary to these individuals and quite a few others.

The smart individuals who are living in America will do certain things in order to raise money for themselves and others who are in need. Sometimes people will have a bake sale, adult spelling bee, night in jail contest, silent auction, gift wrapping contest, talent show, kissing booth or yard sell in order to obtain funds.

Georgia residents love to cook and prepare great food items each and every day of the year. When the holidays come around these creative individuals take the time to make some of the best pies, cakes, cookies and doughnuts that can be found. They all meet at city hall when everything is ready to be sold. Citizens who want to buy a sweet treat will stop in for a few moments and fill their stomach with all of the delightful items.

After the great bake sale is over the mayor of this town would invest the money into a charity Christmas fund. Christmas was also going to be a sad time for a Chicago family who lost their home in a devastating fire. It was very fortunate that everyone within their city decided to do a charity talent show to help these individuals. The event was a success since everyone living in the area paid five dollars to be a part of it.

It was great that a young girl organized an adult spelling bee contest before the Christmas holidays. All of the students were given a certain amount of tickets to sell to the residents. Once this event was over she would have a ton of cash to give to the local charity organization in town. These people would then purchase all types of toys and clothes for the children who lived within the shelters.

Every Thanksgiving citizens residing in one particular location have an annual night in jail event which is also entertaining. People would have their friends arrested by the local police and then they would have to bail them out. The bail money was used to buy food for homeless people within the area. Luckily all of the people who were taken prisoner did not mind being locked away for a few hours.

For years many people have been attending silent auctions which really help other individuals who need support. Valuable items are placed on the market for sale and others are allowed to make a bid for these priceless objects. Once again the auction money is given to certain charities. Human beings who have a knack for being fast may want to enter a gift wrapping contest.

An organization called Toys For Tots were happy to receive the money from the gift wrapping event. Many girls love to help raise money for children whenever Christmas is near. They will sometimes host a kissing booth event on their college campus in order to obtain the cash.

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