There Are Fall Wreath Ideas For Everyone

By Patty Goff

Autumn is upon us and that means there are many new do it at home decorations that can be put into practice. These fall wreath ideas have become one to the front doors and porches of our neighborhoods. With ample online websites and magazines that strike up great instructions on how to make them, it has become an in thing to create these at home. Gathering a bit of creativity is easy with as many materials that can be found from nature itself.

You will need simple, easy to come by equipment. Most of these can be found in the house already, such as pliers, staples, sewing pins and strong adhesive. Many people opt for natural colors and schemes. That is where pine cones come in handy. While picking those up, also stock up on fallen leaves in yellow, red, orange and brown shades. These natural schemes will all contribute to an earthy look that still makes for a pleasing decorative piece.

You will find that circular or oval shapes work the best and are easiest to create yourself. Once you have decided on what to use and how it should look you can get to work. A quick walk around the house will surprise you on how many elements there are to make use of. An example of a perfect base for the wreath is old foam pool noodles that the children no longer use. Irrelevant of the base, it is good to start off by wrapping it with a brownish rope or wheat to start with. These can be secured in place by using sewing pins or florist pins.

Next on the list of things to do is to secure favorite leaves, pine cones and other nuts and seeds into place. Here is where the adhesive will be most suitable for pasting each element down. Wiring also works well for rounder and odd shaped elements. Fresh flowers and fruits can also be used and these tie down well with florist wiring.

Do keep in mind that any fresh flowers and fruits will not last the entire autumn season. It is recommended to use citrus fruits that have tough skins. These are most likely to retain their shapes and often become more rustic in appearance as the moisture leaves the fruits. Leaves and stems take from shrubs will also dry out well and look great next to leaves and pines.

Some of the most favored elements to use have always been corn on the cob, especially ones that vary in color. These are perhaps the simplest to assemble at home and whether you choose to create bunches or a round shaped art piece, any adhesive or wiring can be well disguised in between the corn kernels. Corn cobs also withstand the colder weather better and are not known to give off any odors while they decay.

Although the majority of home owners prefer the natural look, there are exquisitely modern and colorful patterns. Many doors have been transformed in bursting colors with odd pieces of material and ribbons that were found in the house. These materials usually stick well by using strong adhesive and sewing pins. Artificial flowers also come in an array of colors and will add a feminine touch to an already beautiful art piece.

Whether opting for organic or synthetic end results, you can balance the colors and materials beautifully to embellish the front door, porch and yard. These artsy pieces are likely to invite numerous guests throughout the autumn season. One can only hope neighbors will follow the trend.

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