Human Beings Wonder Can God Hear Me

By Karina Frost

Every single day of the year many individuals will go through good ordeals as well as bad ones. It is not strange to wonder can God hear me whenever I say a prayer or try to accomplish things. There are so many human beings who are very cruel on this planet and they try their best to cause misery for other individuals who are just trying to make it through the day.

It really affects me in a negative way whenever I think about all of the poverty within this world. Unfortunately there are so many people who have great wealth and they are not willing to help their fellow man get ahead in life. Whenever someone is driving down the street they will encounter an individual who is holding up a sign that is asking for help.

The little amount of money that I give to these poor people will not really solve the problem. They need someone who is rich to come along and give them a job that will pay all of their bills. It is even worse when I am the only one who is willing to stop and even take up time with these individuals. Everyone else seems to rush by them without even giving eye contact. My prayers on this subject are never answered.

Any person living in New York City is very familiar with Broadway and other media stations that are around. Every human being that is performing in the theatre is related to someone who is rich and famous. President Clinton's daughter was able to get a job at NBC because of her parents name. Sometimes a creative ordinary individual can pray and chant all day long but they will never achieve fame. It seems as though nepotism opens the door for success.

The rest of us poor unfortunate souls will have to continue to struggle to make our dreams come true. In many cases we give up the dream and try to locate an ordinary job like so many other individuals. In time people realize that they can pray and wish for things but nothing will ever happen. The great Lord above does not listen to mere mortals if he/she does exist.

The world is filled with certain hateful individuals who do not like or associate with anyone who is not like them. You may not be able to get a job if you are not the right color. Sometimes sexual orientation plays a great part in a person's success or failure. Homosexuals around the world are often discriminated against especially if they are black males.

If this spirit truly does exist he/she is not doing a very good job at helping other human beings who are suffering and living an impoverished life. This great powerful being also allows individuals with power to assassinate a person's character on every level. I have never seen a case of divine intervention in which something good happens for the people who trying their best to be good Christians.

Personally I do not think that this great almighty spiritual being even listens to anyone's prayers since the balance of power is so unfair. But as time goes by we all learn to accept the realities of life and try our best to survive.

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