Best Value Rand Mcnally Maps

By Marci Glover

Geography used to be one of the core subjects all school children learned about. However, in recent years it has not been taught as extensively in schools. This is a shame as it is very important that children learn not only about their own country but about the entire world. Being able to locate continents and countries is essential to understanding the relationships between them.

Geography is an important skill for everyone to learn. Most school children are familiar with looking at large wall maps and globes. These learning tools are very valuable and give people a good idea about the location of the continents in relation to one another. One of the premier manufacturers of printed and digital materials is Rand McNally maps.

The company has also moved with the times and is now at the forefront of digital productions too. They have provided all their mapping materials as downloads and also offer some excellent software. Even the less technology minded people feel that they can use the maps with confidence and ease.

Anyone planning a trip either domestically or internationally should check out the excellent range of travel guides and route planners. These provide the practical information such as distances and gas consumption calculators. Those with plenty of time can check out the scenic route and plan some extra stops. Many people find that carefully planning allows them to see more places and it is also fun.

A good travel guide will list all the places of interest as well as camp sites, hotels and other stops. This type of material is invaluable when heading out on a long journey. Not having a good map will waste a lot of time and probably result in missing many excellent places of interest.

A detailed city map is a must for anyone heading into an unknown area. Finding parking can often be a challenge and a good map will clearly indicate both long and short term parking options. Other places of interest such as museums, parks and shopping areas are also marked. This allows the visitor to plan their time carefully and make sure they get to all the places they want to see. Anyone planning to walk should also check the scale to make sure they know how long it will take to get to each place. This is especially important for those with young children.

Puzzles and wall maps make great gifts for children. They are very valuable teaching aids that can be used over and over again. Most kids love puzzles, especially the larger sized floor models. They are fun to put together and a perfect way to learn about the states.

Places of interest, historic sites and national parks are also marked. Using a good map is the best way to plan a vacation. New technology even incorporates driving times between locations and gas usage. These features help the traveller to stay on budget and still see all the sites.

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