Find Out The Different Meanings Of The Name Yahweh

By Essie Osborn

Many people have different names for which they may call or refer to God. Over the years, believers have used many names to revere God. Some of these names help them to feel closer to God and to even express their adoration for their creator. For example, the Hebrew community and other communities across the globe refer to him as Yahweh.

You find that from the Hebrew language, this name means an endless God. This in simpler language it would mean that He would live forever. Believers have hope of meeting this God when they get to heaven. They are also aware that the creator has no end or beginning and that He is not human.

Some children would be concerned about the welfare of this creator. They would ask their parents about the whereabouts of this unforeseen God. They would then be given hope of seeing him if they ever obey and trust in Him. This would make the children to fear and respect God in everything that they do in this world.

The word would also mean independent in the Hebrew language. This one does not depend on any other person no matter what. He is a true God and this would never change anytime. He is able to perform all the tasks without consulting any person. He is a God who is everlasting.

Christian teachings tell of a more adherence to the laws of nature and respect to God as the sole creator of humanity. They teach on what God expects of his sons and daughters as they go through life. The teachings also showcase God as the greatest reality available to all. Without God, then all would cease to exist. The world would sure be a deserted place. It is for this reason and others found in Christian teachings that God deserves reverence, admiration from human beings as the name further suggests.

It would be prudent for human beings to learn that God does whatever that pleases him. In fact, the name would also suggest that he can do what humans do not believe is possible. He makes things beautiful when their ripe time comes. For this reason, most believers would acknowledge him with love since he is above all things.

The name also means that God is true and full of goodness. He fills people with his goodness and encourages them to lead positive lives. This means they are able to co-exist peacefully with other people around them without causing trouble. You should realize that the hebrew name bears a lot of strength in Christian faith and has diverse meaning.

There are many meanings of the name of the most high. We would summarize these by saying that the lord is good and his love endures forever. He forgives and is merciful to all his creatures. He would forgive unconditionally. You need to find time and place to be talking to him every moment. This would help you to create a bond between you and his love that is ever enduring. In most cases, God would always be happy when the people he created reverence him in the most respectable way. This would involve mentioning his names with proper understanding.

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