Choosing An Appropriate Tombstone Marker For Grave

By Tom Tree

From the earliest of days, many cultures have used stones to signify a spot where a person was buried or entombed. This practice was the reason words like headstone, gravestone and tombstone came into being. Today, people put a lot of thought and planning into choosing the Burial Marker that will denote the final resting place of themselves or someone that they love.

Monuments of this type denote both a person's place of interment as well as immortalizes their personal information for generations to follow. They are commonly inscribed with the name of the individual and the dates through which their life spanned. Many people further personalize their stone by adding an epitaph or more decorations.
Funeral Markers

The styles in which these monuments are found are virtually endless with so many materials and features from which to choose. They may be thin and flat against the lawn or they may tower high and present an impressive silhouette. Some contain only the very basic information with no frills while others are extremely elaborate and filled with personalization.

The look of one's gravestone might be influenced by multiple contributing factors. The strongest consideration is the personal style and tastes of the individual for whom it is meant because one's eternal monument should be a reflection of that person's likes. The second biggest restraint is usually the budget that has been set aside for this purchase.

Before making a final selection, one should decide the cemetery in which the stone is to be place. For purposes of easy maintenance or uniformity, some locations may have regulations on the types and sizes of gravestones and plaques that will be allowed on the property. It is important to check for such restrictions as it is quite common for such facilities to remove or reject those that do not comply to set standards.

Several materials, including wood, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble and brass are used to make these products. Though all of these have favorable qualities, bronze and granite are by far the most commonly used substances for constructing gravestones. This is primarily because they are both extremely durable, even in the worst climate conditions, easy to maintain, attractive and affordable.

The choice of burial marker is one that most people but a lot of time and consideration into before making a final decision. Since this is intended to be an everlasting testament to the time one spent on Earth, it should reflect the individual. However, there are extenuation factors such as site regulations, budget and personal preferences that will all influence the selection that is available.

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