Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Fremont Changes Outcomes

By Harriett Crosby

Early diagnosis is the key to successfully treating any condition. This applies just as much to children on the autism spectrum as those diagnosed with a physical ailment. If parents have any concerns about their child's development they should schedule an appointment with a doctor. If there is cause for concern they can start working with applied behavior analysis autism Fremont.

These professional services focus on using a systematic program to compensate for the child's lack of social skills and may be perceived as cold and uncaring. This is usually not the case. The truth is they simply do not understand the rules of socially acceptable behaviors and reactions.

One of the first steps is to sit down with the family and get a complete picture of how the child interacts with those around them. Some children on the milder end of the autism spectrum may only need a few years of help to get them functioning in a more socially acceptable way. Other more severely affected children may need many years of intensive help and might also benefit from attending a special school that caters to their specific needs.

The purpose of applied behavioral therapy is to change an undesirable or socially frowned upon action and replace it with something more acceptable. This can take anywhere from weeks to months to achieve. One of the key issues to to involve the entire family. Parents should receive training from the therapist and be confident in their ability to use the strategies and methods to help their child function better.

To be most effective the therapist should work with the client every day. They should also include the family in the activities and explain to them exactly what is happening. Those children with the most supportive families are the ones who typically make the fastest and most long lasting improvements.

It is vital that the family and teachers of the clients are also educated about the program. They need to understand that they play a crucial role in the success of the individual. Everyone must be prepared to work together and communicate on a daily basis. The parents should convey all important information to the school and the school should be ready to let the parents know what is going on each day.

Working to change behaviors is hard work. The focus is always to replace an undesirable action with a more socially acceptable one. This can range from something simple such as taking turns in class, to more complex situations such as moving between classes and sitting through a lecture for an older student. The earlier this training begins the better the outcome. Many doctors now refer children as young as two years old for professional help.

Given time and a well trained therapist, every autistic person has the potential to make huge strides that will improve their quality of life. Applied behavior analysis autism Fremont has a tremendous number of outstanding professionals who are dedicated to making peoples lives better and more meaningful

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