You Can Learn How To Make Millions As An Entrepreneur

By Danae A. Strub

How to make millions? Isn't that the question on everybody's minds? How many times have you laid on your bed staring at the ceiling wondering what it is that rich people do to be the way they are? What do they do and what can I do to be like them? Well, it all boils down to a few unbreakable rules. If you want to know how to make millions, then you must follow a few general good rules, universal truths that no one can argue with. Actually, there are those who argue and the more they argue, the poorer they are!
Learn [How To Make Millions]

Education is important. No argument here. Now you might say that Richard Branson and Bill Gates didn't finish their education and became billionaires. Well, education here does not necessarily refer to formal school and college education. If you want to know how to make millions, there are some skills you have to learn. And you can learn these skills at a business school.

Now Bill Gates and Richard Branson got lucky, they did not complete college but they learnt these skills from the circle of people they were with. Not every one of us is so lucky to have such a circle. And some might be born with the skills that tell them how to make millions. So if you are not born with the skills and do not have the proper circle of contacts, there is only one thing to do - join a business school.

There are unfortunate cases of immigrants from poor countries who work for decades in richer countries like the U.S. and the middle-eastern countries and save a fortune and go back to their home countries hoping to invest the money and multiply it. But these people don't know how to make millions. Tragically, they invest the money in some hair-brained business scheme, or even if it is a legitimate business, they don't know how to run it and end up losing money. The reason? Lack of business acumen due to lack of education.

On the other hand, you have graduates from Harvard who are educated and enlightened and are so because of their close association with the brightest minds in the world. These students know how to make millions because they have learnt about the world and its ways from the undisputed experts and when they go out into the big bad world, they have learnt how to be prudent and what are the best practices and hence they prosper financially.

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