The Strangest Secret - Believe And Succeed

By Jack H. Sousa

For a while now, I have been reading about three hours a day. I love to read. I like to understand and analyze the books I read. I've always loved to write, too. I have written poems, songs, stories, games, comic strips (two published in "La Opinion," a newspaper in Los Angeles, and in another two newspapers in California) and more - most are written in Spanish.I didn't read too much until about five years ago. I know, most of the people say, "to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader first"... and I'm sure that is true, but I believe in myself and I have so much passion to write. I just do what I love to do and I always do my best in everything.
[11 Forgotten Laws]

A month ago, I was listening to an audio tape from the legendary Earl Nightingale and he was talking about what he termed "The Strangest Secret." The secret, of course, is to believe and succeed. In this tape he challenged his listeners to conduct a test for the next 30 days which I tried and now pass on to you.For the next 30 days take an index card which you can keep with you at all times; so that you can review it whenever you need.

"What I want for myself, I want for everybody." -Jones of Toledo."Always speak in terms of advancement. Never allow yourself to feel disappointed. The failure is only apparent. It is really a great success." "Do what you ENJOY more. DESIRE is a manifestation of POWER." "Give the thought of INCREASE in your product/service and make sure that the customer is impressed with the same thought."

Then for the next 30 days focus on this "one single goal" and proceed with calm and positive assurance that you have already achieved the goal. Don't work for it like a lunatic, but work like you have never done before, knowing that it is all time well spent.The most important part in this exercise is to believe, so believe me, in 30 days your life will transform but if you get off track at any point during these 30 days then you must start all over again from day one.

Have complete control of your thoughts. Think true regardless of appearances. It doesn't matter what happens around you, if you are creating your own thoughts and beliefs, have faith that everything is good. There are only good things for you in the universe. When you have a thought, you create a powerful image in your mind. That thought/image creates a feeling and an emotion. If you send out negative vibes, you get negative results. If you send out positive vibes you get positive results.

In addition, a lack of capital will not prevent you from getting rich. You can slowly begin to get access to capital and, as you progress, the access to capital will become easier and faster.For the reasons set forth above, Mr. Wattles concludes that the aforementioned factors cannot be the cause of getting rich. So, if getting rich is not a result of the factors discussed above, what does getting rich depend on? Mr. Wattles explains that in order to become rich you have to do things in "a certain way", regardless of where you are, what business you're in, how much capital you have, or how talented you may be.

A very clear example of a person who thought, had a purpose, believed, took action and his dream came true is: The miracle of Chinese Bamboo. You are the one in control of your thoughts. You control what comes into your life. Everything starts with a thought, word, with a dream. As I always say, YOU can create miracles in your life! What are you waiting for?

Most of us tend to think negative thoughts. When you think, "I'm undesirable," "I'll be late to my appointment," or "I struggle to make ends meet," you create that experience in your life.... You don't attract a desirable partner, you launch a series of events that makes you late to your appointment, and you prevent yourself from making more money.

One such popular book is 'The Science Of Getting Rich'. When Wallace D Wattles released this book little did he know that it would continue to influence people for more than hundred years? The book firmly states that there are certain definite laws to get rich. Only people who follow these laws of the universe become rich.For instance, you may be a very good dentist but you are probably not as rich as your friends around you. This may be true because they do the same work in a certain manner that earns them much more than you. Therefore, great talent is not enough. You need to provide service that represent more value than the money you are paid for your services. In turn, you will be appreciates you will attract more wealth.

But changing one's self-talk and self-perceptions are only one part of the equation. Many people who talk about the Law of Attraction focus on thinking (or, more accurately, wishing) and neglect the second, equally important, component - action. In order to achieve prosperity and wealth, many people find that they have to quit their jobs and change the business they're in. Although this may seem counterintuitive, and it does require a deep belief in yourself and the principles of the Law of Attraction, it can be a necessary prerequisite to fulfilling your dreams. In our culture, people are often uncomfortable thinking about, talking about, or actively seeking money. But, as Wattles wrote, "No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money."

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