Self Hypnosis And Messages Subliminal Guides

By Jim S. Chai

A subliminal message is a signal or a message recorded in a video or audio beneath the original text. Such subliminal messages have no influence on our conscious mind but affect our subconscious. The subconscious may then influence our conscious actions to act in according to the message embedded within the message. Some argue that effects of subliminal messages are rather insignificant while others argue that they are unfair and potentially harmful, especially if abused.
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A subliminal message is a message hidden in audio or visual. It is not detectable easily to our naked eyes. These messages directly influence our sub consciousness and may lead our sub consciousness in a certain direction. Some researches argue that effect of subliminal messages is rather insignificant while others believe that they might cause some harm. Another third group of researches believe that subliminal messages have no effect on our subconscious thus no effect on our actions.

In the late 60's a Beatles album was supposedly contained one example of a subliminal messages in music, a suggestion that Paul McCartney had died. The controversy raged extensively when some religious groups claimed that Satan was possessing the singers and causing them to insert subliminal messages in music.Another popular example of subliminal messages in music is the popular song Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. This song contained not one but many subliminal messages. "Play backwards. Hear words sung", is the message you hear at the very end of the song. Amazingly, if you play the song backward you will find many satanic related messages. For example, somewhere in the middle of the song it says, "It's my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad whose power is fake."

So, subliminal messages are suggestions that are received below the level of threshold. This is known as masking. Variety of subliminal messages will change your life. Did you know that there's a greater and stronger inner force in each of us.When you view specially designed Subliminal Videos, your future suddenly becomes brighter. Watch A Subliminal Video That Could Automatically Increase Your Income More Than 500% In 1 Week. So although your conscious mind might struggle to decipher the subliminal messages being displayed, your subconscious definitely can. You might need to sit and watch a specific video on your computer for one hour each day. All subliminal videos are messages downloads delivered immediately as Subliminal videos in common formats. You don't have to be someone special.

Subliminal videos are messages displayed for such a short period of time or recorded at such a frequency that your conscious mind does not register what it sees or hears. This means that your conscious mind cannot construct and use arguments against the ideas revealed and therefore your subconscious mind can be more susceptible to the unconscious idea. FEEL changes taking place deep within you after just 30 seconds of looking these Subliminal Messages in Video. From this moment forward, you are a Master Manifestor who lives each moment to its fullest and easily attains a Superior Life filled with success, enjoyment, relaxation and love. Subliminal messages are very much prevalent in the universe of advertising.

Subliminal messages in music do not necessarily need to be all bad. If one was to listen to a subliminal message in music designed to help them lose weight, studies indicate that they would, more than likely, be able to lose weight dramatically. Utilizing subliminal messages in music has not been studied long enough to determine their effectiveness, but should they prove to be effective, they can shave years off of your own personal change, whether you want more confidence, to lose weight, or to quit smoking.

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