Help With Self Esteem For Teenage Girls

By Natasha A. Unzueta

Self esteem teenage girls can be a confusing thing for many people, and in my experience it is usually girls and women who have the most issues with it so girls, this article is for you!While some self esteem activities for women may give the ideas of getting a makeovers and new hair style I'm going to try and get away because I've found out that this is not really self esteem building, but a very temporary way to give you fake confidence and is not really helpful. I'm not against dressing up and looking good (of course every girl love to look good) but the can not be your source of confidence and self esteem because it is too inconsistent and circumstantial.

Openly show that you can't keep your hands off her.Buy her nice presents and express how you like seeing using the items.Praise her when her friends are there and express how much you love her.Read a poem to her or dedicate a song for her, if you can sing then it makes it even better.Have a date every week, dress well for her.When dining out, look at her like its your first date and tell her how much she is so beautiful to you all the time.Hold her hand across the table and tell her how much you adore her.

Helping yourself - find the best way to relax that works for you. Taking long baths, having regular massage, learning a progressive relaxation technique from CD's you can listen to anytime, walking, reading. Music can also work really well when you find music you can just drift with and let your mind float freely without worrying.Exercise - this is a great stress reducer and classes such as yoga or Pilates can be particularly good for releasing tension and helping to find a more balanced state of mind. Teenage girls often like yoga as it doesn't demand great expertise and you can dress very comfortably in loose clothing in the classes. However any form of exercise will help in a stress relief programme so if it football, dancing, running or hockey - it doesn't matter!

The bottom line and the best advice I can give you about it is that know that true confidence and self esteem comes from inside and does not come from being eye candy which will disappear once we all reach a certain age. The trick is to realize looks are not everything.Self-Esteem Teenage Girls was created by teenagers for teenagers. We know how hard it is to be a teenager so our hope is to give back and to let you know that you are not alone and that you are beautiful no matter what!

Whilst self esteem activities for girls may conjure up ideas of getting makeovers and new hair-do's I'm going to try and steer away from that sort of thing as I've found that this is not really self esteem building, but a very shallow way that gives you fake confidence and is no real help in the end. I'm not against dressing up and looking good (c'mon, every girl loves to look good) but it cannot be your source of confidence and self esteem in life as it is too variable, inconsistent and circumstantial.

The initial step in building self esteem back to a healthy level could possibly be the toughest. It requires total honesty with oneself. The mask of deception and false representations of oneself must be taken off and the individual must be able to see herself as open and bare.Some of the masks could be in the form of anger. Anger is a defense mechanism that could be used to protect against others from seeing what is really going on inside of a person. The anger mask is put on when the individual feels threatened in some way. To those on the other side of the mask, the persona of toughness is seen, when actually on the inside of the anger, fear resides. There is also the fear from the discovery of inadequacies being revealed. Beneath the "anger mask" sits vulnerability and perceived weakness.

Another mask could be the mask of the "class clown". This mask also does a really good job of sending the message that an individual is always joking around. Joking around and not being serious keeps others from learning what is really going on inside isn't very funny at all. Laughing at the jokes is a lot better than laughing at the person that hides behind the mask of the class clown. To keep from being perceived as a "joke" the mask wearer tells jokes to keep everyone laughing at those rather than her as a person.

The bottom line and the best advice I can give you about it is that know that true confidence and self esteem does not come from being eye candy, this is a false sense of self image and confidence which will disappear once a woman reaches a certain age. The trick is not to get swept up in this whole "looks is everything" argument. Make sure you look after yourself and feature whatever you cannot fix(aka - if you have crooked teeth, that doesn't mean they can't be clean) as it is normal for everyone to want to look presentable, this is fine.

Don't blame somebody else for your problems and/or frustrations!Do something about them, accept them and work on them to make yourself better! Try to understand, connect to and enhance your experiences with people and yourself. Learn from your mistakes and have fun when meeting new people. Eventually you will begin to look at women/men and all different types of people in a respectful and humble way! Real connections will begin to emerge and better relationships will begin to form when you do so from now on.

There is a mask that girls and women put on called the "beauty mask". This mask disguises the many flaws that lie beneath the make-up and name brand clothes. No amount of eye liner and mascara can ultimately hide what the eyes are truly saying. They are saying "I want you to believe that I am beautiful on the outside because if you really saw what I looked like underneath, you wouldn't think I was beautiful at all". Hiding behind the fabulous outfits, fancy beads, earrings, and makeup "beauty mask" is a shallow shield against the truth that screams "I want to love myself, but I don't!"The masks above are just some of the many masks that people wear. In improving self esteem, help your teenage daughter to discover and name the mask that she may be wearing. If you look close enough, you too may even discover that you wear a similar mask or have in the past. The road to self esteem building may be a journey you can take together. Like I said before, the first step is the most difficult because it calls for honesty and removal of the mask.

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